Friday, February 12, 2010

Dreaming of Bettys

I will be going to Blighty for a week in March to visit family and friends, I am already planning some of the things I want to do.  One of the things, will be to visit Bettys café tea rooms, which is a Yorkshire institution, it has six tea rooms, in Ilkley, Northallerton, two in York and two in Harrogate (my home town).

The question is, shall I go for lunch to have my favourite, Yorkshire welsh rarebit served with delicious tomato chutney or go for a Yorkshire cream tea with hot buttered scones, clotted cream and lashings of strawberry jam.

One thing is for sure, after dining I will be visiting the shop to buy goodies to bring back to France.

They now do mail order, so if you find anything on this post tempting, you can order it here or visit one of their cafés here

Bettys York

Bettys Ilkley


  1. Well if I were you I would do lunch one day and then tea the next - yes, why limit yourself. I've driven through Harrogate and thought it was lovely - Mr FF and I had a holiday about 12 years ago in Thornton le Dale and then spent every day exploring 'up north'. It was great.

  2. oh..i wish i could go with you to Betty's.....sigh


  3. Hi FF, I could be a complete glutton and do lunch and then stay until teatime and go for the cream tea.... I have been known to do this before.
    Kary, that would be lovely, who knows it may happen on day.

  4. So love Betty's.. Think you should have tea there...


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