Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Unexpected Day Out

Yesterday, it was MG's birthday, I was downstairs making cups of tea when he called out, "Get ready, we are going to Pau, for lunch".  I was amazed, as MG started his own business last year and it has been almost impossible to winkle him out of his office since.

Oh joy, finally, I get to slough off my fleece and wellies.  Hair washed and blow dried, make up on, sophisticated outfit on, heels on, grab handbag, camera and keys, ready and off.

Pau is about a forty five minute drive from us and it is a smart town, I will write a more in depth post about it at a later date. The main thing is, it has very nice shops and restaurants, which are somewhat lacking in our rural but beautiful corner of the world.

First of all we had lunch at one of our favourite haunts.

  One of the things I love about France is the laissez-faire attitude towards dogs in restaurants and hotels, Crusoe get's to travel with us everywhere we go in France, and often the restaurant staff don't even need to be asked to bring a bowl of water for him, they just do it as a matter of course.

 I have seen dogs in the restaurants at The Crillon and The George V in Paris, this would be unthinkable in the UK with all the health and safety laws.  As you can see Crusoe is extremely well restaurant trained, he usually behaves beautifully and has a knack of making friends with restaurant staff, always paying special attention to the waiter or waitress who is serving us.  Once, when we were staying at a hotel, Crusoe escaped from our room, we looked for him everywhere, he had been spotted by surprised breakfast diners, running through the restaurant, where did he end up, why in the kitchen of course, making friends with the Chef.  Crusoe certainly has his priorities right.  Anyway, I have digressed.

After lunch we went for a stroll.  Pau usually has a number of a certain type of little old lady patrolling the streets, these little old ladies are extremely well coiffed and made up, clad in Chanel suit, matching quilted Chanel handbag, gloves and Ferragamo shoes.  I was longing to spot one of these little old ladies, so I could take a Sartorialist style photo, but alas, there were none to be seen, perhaps it was too cold or maybe they are at their other residences in Paris or the Cote d'Azur.

After our stroll we hit Galleries Lafayette where MG made some birthday purchases. Afterwards we visited a few more shops.

Sadly, I was just about to go into the shop below, after admiring the rather gorgeous dress and shoes in the window, when MG decided he had shopping fatigue and wanted to leave, well, it was his birthday! Maybe I will go back later in the week.

All images apart from lady with Afghan Hound and Coco taken by moi.


  1. What a lovely day out...getting lots of ideas! Warm wishes, Susie

  2. What a fantastic day! I had to smile at your mention of your dog who is a lovely fellow. When we were in Paris I was amazed by the size of the dogs (very big) and the number that strolled past us as we were eating in restaurants. No one gave it a second just seemed a natural state of affairs. We loved it. I think you should definitely go back to the shop in that last photo..I think you could have a lot of fun in there! Great picks and post!
    Jeanne :)

  3. Hi Dash
    What a lovely story.. Pau is such a cutie and has certainly won my heart! Well I would be a big no no here also to have an animal inside a restaurant! It must make such a difference to be able to take him wherever you go!

    Love all your photos and if you do go back soon, would love to see a close up of that carousel!!! Just as i imagined they would be!!

    Have fun... xx Julie

  4. Pau has semi-legendary status in my mind as the epitome and chic and savoir faire. You've gone one better than me anyway in our new found resolutions to apply the maquillage - you put on heels! I am so reluctant to give up the comfort of my Rocket Dog boots that the stilettos are staying firmly at the back of the cupboard.

    As for little Crusoe in the restaurants - yes, we often take our two little bichons with us when we eat out. The French really have it right with their attitude to dogs in places. Not every dog is a weeing machine. I'd much rather see little dogs in places than noisy children.

    What did you buy MG?

  5. yes, of course it should have been epitome *of* chic etc. Oh, when will I remember to read back first?

  6. Somewhere about the house I have a book about Pau in the early twentieth century when it had a huge British colony, a cricket team and all that.
    Glad it hasn't lost its' allure.

  7. Susie, it was a lovely day out and I am brimming with ideas.

    Jeanne, I am dying to go back and have a good session in that shop.

    Julie, It does make a big difference being able to take Crusoe with us everywhere, we don't have the hassle of trying to find dog sitters etc. When I return to Pau, I will take a better photo of the Carousel, and post it somewhere for you.

    FF, I have not bought MG's present yet, as it is the new Michelin Bibendum guide, which does not come out until March 4th. I also want to buy him a new robe, when I see one I like, probably in St Jean de Luz.
    I heard through the Blogosphere you are off to Paris at the weekend I hope you have a lovely time.

  8. Fly in the web, it definetly has not lost it's allure, which is comforting when so many towns have lost their identity with ugly buildings and too many shops catering to tourism.

  9. Dash, you have the most amazingly artistic eyes. When I look at the pictures you put up and your writings which compliment the photograph, it took me out from my present existence to somewhere more beautiful, elegant and romantic - a mini holiday in France. Thank you so much. Your blog is a joy to read.

  10. Fly, please excuse my appalling spelling, I have always struggled with definitely.

    Oh ASD, what a lovely comment, I feel quite lost for words.

  11. What a charming post! And how handsome your little friend - no wonder all the waiters love him. I found you through your comment on Jeanne @ Collage of Life - glad I clicked through. I will definitely be back!

  12. I love the photo of your darling Crusoe sitting with his legs crossed waiting so patiently! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Leigh

  13. What a beautiful dress in the last photo - very Audrey Hepburn.

    It does one so much good to dress up and go out, doesn't it? A real boost for the moral and a reminder that, oh yes! I can still hack it!! :D

  14. I love this post! How wonderful! I discovered your blog in a roundabout way via Dash. The US is even worse about dogs anywhere -laws for everything here. I adore France and the culture, you are a luck lady, my dear!

  15. Now I know that I'm confused, Dash! I mistakenly wrote I discovered your blog via 'Dash', however, I discovered it via a Life Reclaimed! Wow, one can really get lost online these days if not careful! I've fallen in love with the Afghan Hound photo and want to share with my readers! Your blog is wonderful!


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