Monday, February 15, 2010

Interior Dreaming

It has been a while since I have been rooting around antiques fairs or visited the auctions to acquire desirable objects for the house, this is something I intend to start doing again, there are loads of antique fairs in this neck of the woods, so I really must pull my finger out, get up early in the morning's and start rooting.

I am longing to redecorate one of the bedrooms and turn it into a really feminine boudoir.  In the meantime, I have been on the internet dreaming of the sort of thing I'm after.

Early 1900's Boudoir armchair and stool. The French House

Rare model Louis xv style king-size bed circa 1900. The French House

Late 19thc Louis xv1 style upholstered bed. The French House

Wall Lights. The French House

Early Chandelier. The French House

Cushion mirror with pink tinged glass outer plates. The French House
Parisian mirrored armoire. The French Bedroom company

Parisian Pretty Bedside Table. The French Bedroom Company

Parisian Dressing Table. The French Bedroom Company

Versaille Damask Screen. The French Bedroom Company
That's the furniture, what about the walls?  At the moment I am going through a Sir Frederic Leighton phase, I would love to own one of his paintings, a distant dream, instead I will go for some beautifully framed prints.

 Mother and Child

 Girl with a basket of fruit


 The music lesson

Furniture and lighting images via The French House and The French Bedroom Company.
Painting Images via, prints available from


  1. Hi Dash
    Thanks for visiting over my way and your lovely comment.. I can say the same here... don't know where to start... the beautiful header photo or all the fascinating posts... Just been scrolling down and found your post on the Basque region.. that is somewhere that has always fascinated me and I'd love to get there one day... In fact I'd love the walk the Road to Santiago de Compostela one day!! Well If I ever get fit enough to walk that far.. Love all the B&W photographers too... do you know Ruth Orkin? She is also a favourite of mine..

    Ok... enough blabbing from me... thanks again.. xx Julie

  2. Isn't the word *boudoir* so gorgeous. I love the idea of having bedrooms in different styles. We're just contemporary here really, all neutral colours and simple, plain lines. However, in my fantasy house, I would love to have exotic rooms, feminine frilly rooms, bold bright rooms - all I need really is the money to buy the house with the room sizes I would like.

    Keep us posted about how all this develops - you could do a before and after blog.

  3. Whichever bed you don't take I will happily take the leftover!!!

  4. Hi Julie, I had heard of Ruth Orkin, but did not know how or why, so I googled her name, shame on me, I have one of her photgraphic prints, hanging on the wall.
    FF, the word boudoir is gorgeous, I will keep you posted on developments, it's a great idea to do a before and after blog, could be a while before anything happens though.
    Belette, yes it would be a struggle to choose which one, but your welcome to the have the other.

  5. You definitely have the right idea...all great finds. Decisions...decisions...
    Good luck!


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