Friday, February 26, 2010

Belle Mères Move, Part 1

Well, we made it, we are now at Belle Mère's. President Sarkozy stepped in with regard to the striking oil refinery workers, so France did not come to a grinding halt.  And we were able to continue unhindered with our plans.

Yesterday morning MG went to collect the van that we have hired and when he backed it into our drive, I got quite a shock, van! It's more like a small lorry, but it is very important we have a tail lift, and standard vans don't come with tail lifts,  you will see why in a second.  All three of us got in the cab, Crusoe was very excited to be allowed up front, on the seat, he loved looking out of the windscreen. Six hours later after a very uneventful and uncomfortable journey we arrived at Belle Mère's.

Well you can imagine what Belle Mère's house looks like at the moment, piles of stuff and packing boxes everywhere, she would never forgive me if I published a photograph of it.

This morning we got up bright and early, first job move Belle Mère's plants, these are not going into storage, Belle Mère has had permission to put them in the garden of the house she intends to buy.


After we had done this, I had some errands to run in town, and MG went to get his hair cut, I promised you lot's of picture's and I think I have delivered. I took my camera with me, whilst doing my errands I snapped everything in my path!  I am sure you will be able to see why I love this place so  much.

Steps down to the port

This market is in town every morning until 12.30 pm. I would never go to the supermarket again if I lived here.  The proper market is every Wednesday, it is one of the biggest in Provence, with some fabulous stalls and yes I will be going.....with  my camera of course.

Something for the children and something for Julie at Being Ruby!

The port, no tacky gin palaces or floating nightclubs here, just fishing boats and modest sailing boats.

When the local fisherman return with their catch, they sell it, from a stall in front of their boat, can you get fresher than that?

Fancy an Ice cream?

In the old town, behind the port, lots of narrow streets with fabulous shops

My favourite cafe

Bunch of flowers? One of the biggest flower markets in the south of France is nearby and all the florists go early in the morning to purchase, there is so much variety and the prices are so reasonable (compared to our part) that you could flower up your whole house quite inexpensively.

OK, let me take a closer look.

Smell that Mimosa!

Whilst waiting for MG, I think I will have a quick aperitif before lunch.

On the way back, the market has gone, reavealing the treelined walkway, the trees are covered with glittering fairy lights at Christmas and provide much needed shade in the summer.

Saw these guy's windsurfing, whilst we were on the way back to Belle Mère's and could not resist snapping them through the windscreen.

Well back to Belle Mère's for lunch and more hard work this afternoon, have a lovely weekend, back soon.


  1. Oh I am jealous! So many beautiful things to see. I wish we had a local market every day too! It would be the very best way to shop.


  2. that farmers market and the flower markets...beautiful...

    you're little dog is so cute...

    buddy says HI !

  3. Dash!!!
    How wonderful ALL of your photos are!! Each and every one full of life and colour! And the carousel!! you are such a sweetie! I love it. Looking at your photos reminds me of all the ports I visited in Italy and even Greece.. all those colourful and simple pleasures.. *sigh*... and funnily the photo of the windsurfers look like the beach at the end of my street!! I wish!! I may have to take some photos of the windsurfers here for you...

    So I imagine after all this beauty you guys had a long hard job ahead you... I do appreciate you took your camera with you!! and we got to see all of this loveliness... Once again Crusoe is the star of the post.. what a cutie!! Have a great weekend.. and thanks for all these lovely images of France... xx Julie

  4. I love that shot of Crusoe in the van, looking like he owns the thing!

    Great market, although I do think the flowers seemed rather expensive. I bought 20 tulips for €4 at Le Clerc the other day - beautiful upright Harlequins.

    Carry on snapping please

  5. WOW! Dash...this looks wonderful..I am so envious. Great photos..
    by the way...
    Congratulations, you won the book bag giveaway @ Collage of Life!Could you send your mailing details to me? I will then send the gift on it's way!
    You will love it. I do!

    Jeanne :)


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