Monday, March 1, 2010

Belle Mère's Move, Part 2. Curb Appeal

Well, I have to admit, I am now absolutely shattered, I have done an awful lot of packing and lifting.  But things are going to plan. The professionals are coming tomorrow to pack all the fragile items and paintings and on Wednesday they will be moving the furniture out and putting it into the container for storage.

I have somehow managed to take some more pictures, mainly when I have been taking Crusoe for his constitutionals and amazingly enough I have managed to bag the laptop to do this post, as MG is also shattered and I think is turning in, as we speak!

Photo subject today is curb appeal, I am fascinated almost to the point of obsession about houses and gardens. I love walking past interesting looking properties and peaking in.  There is plenty of material in this neck of the woods so I hope you enjoy, peaking with me!

Love this gate and the colour is typically Provençal.

I wonder what that person up there is doing?

Of course, waxing his surfboard.

This is such a pretty villa, but not much of a view at the back.

The view from the front makes up for it.

Pretty pink house with pale green shutters.

Look closely at this one, it is in fact the back of the building, everything is painted, it's a trompe l'oeil.

I would love to peak inside this characterful  house, on the cliff top, Picasso lived here for a while.

And this is the side entrance.

Love these gates and driveway, this house and garden, see photo below, remind me of the holiday house in the film of Bonjour Tristesse, with David Niven, Deborah Kerr and Jean Seberg.

The garden, which has a path straight to a little cove.

Town house, now apartments probably at one time belonged to a wealthy merchant.

Lovely little square complete with water fountain

This property is a classic turn of the (20th) century villa, it intrigues me, when it was built there certainly would not have been a main road, it was probably a little track, and it would have had fantastic views of the sea, now the other side of the road is all built up, so it no longer has great views. I would love to know it's story, who built it? Is it still in the same family?  I will have to find out more about it.  There is just something mysterious and romantic about this villa. I love it.

Close up

The front entrance, barley visible through the trees.

And finally, Mimosa tree, I cannot tell you how divine the smell is when you walk past.


  1. you have a great layout- were u live, and i love your mascot! thanks for sharing!

  2. It is beautiful there! You are lucky to be there - the shattered feeling goes away, the gorgeous sights soothe the heart.

  3. Sigh...just beautiful! It's not fair...I am unpacking and not looking at anything as wonderful as that. Time for me to move again!
    Great pics Dash..
    Jeanne :)

  4. Oh Dash!!!
    Sorry.. this is a long comment!!

    I am flabbergasted haha.. I was mentally preparing my comments as I read and scrolled through all these glorious photos .. [I wouldn't be able to move from here!!] and then I came upon your comment re the David Niven film .. How strange!! I just saw that movie for the 1st time the other night.. was on ABC in the wee hours of the morning when i should have been sleeping.. I was mesmerized by this film.. in good and bad ways.. hahaha Actually I think it is the same film, I didn't catch the title.. but David Niven and daughter seem a little overly affectionate.. is that the one? Yes the scenery was incredible!! and Deborah Kerr uncharacteristically a piece of work!!

    Well these photos are divine... I'd be in heaven.. I have a photo I'll have to show you soon of the same wonderful palms just near my home and on the waterfront.. but the mcMansions destroy the appeal!!! Good luck with the move... your MIL??? right? she must be sad to leave.. xx Julie

    Sorry again for long comment..

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Dash - sounds as if you have been busy bees getting organised for the move - good luck with the rest of it and looking forward to more of your lovely photos, best wishes x

  6. I'm exactly the same - I love looking at people's houses from the outside (well, to be invited in would be better but nobody has ever done it).

  7. Oh drool, drool.. these are the most beautiful photographs.. thank you so much for sharing them when you must be busy. Just wonderful houses.

  8. My favorite time is taking walks at dusk in my neighborhood. I like seeing the interiors of the houses at night. Although I've been in most of them for parties and such, it's that glimpse into their private lives that I find fascinating.

  9. Great photos, Dash. The Cote d'Azur has some fabulous properties. I love going over to Nice with my bien aimé.


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