Friday, March 19, 2010

Awards Time

On Monday, The lovely Jeanne at Collage of Life, bestowed on me The Sunshine Award, I was truly honoured.  I started blogging last November, I can't tell you how much it has enriched my life.  I am enjoying every minute of the blogging world and I have made some great Blogging friend's along the way, I am now returning the blog love, with some awards of my own, no rules apply, but please feel free to pass them on to worthy recipients.

Now without further ado, my first award is The Sassy Blog award, This is awarded for great, inspiring blogs, and all these ladies are incredibly sassy.

The Recipients are:
Stephanie, at La Dolce Vite
Aurora, at A Life Reclaimed

The next award is The Vraiment Française Award, this is awarded to exceptional Bloggers living in France, No trip to France would be complete without reading their blogs.

The Recipients Are:
Fly in The Web, at French Leave
Sara, In Le Petit Village
Julie, at The Provence Post

The next award is The Beaux Arts Award, this is awarded for outstanding artistic achievement.

The recipient is:

And last but not least, The Culture Blog Award, awarded for Blogs that are truly enriching and cultural.

The Recipient is:
A Super Dilettante

I love all the blogs that I follow and I am looking forward to coming across new blogs. If you haven't all ready, please check out all these wonderful blogs.


  1. Oh, thank you so much! It is so sweet of you to think of me, especially in such lovely company! Thank you!

  2. Dash - thank you so much - you are so sweet to think of me and include me in your list! I am honoured...thankyou..hope you have a wonderful weekend, x

  3. Hey, thank you! I'm delighted. Best Wishes, Julie

  4. Hi
    I'm sorry but I don't find any other way to reach you except here. Could you tell me your name please? It doesn't appear on your blog, on your email to me or anywhere else that I can see. You woman of mystery you! And thanks again for the Award, I'm really touched.

  5. Wow, thank you Dash - how lovely to receive an award. It's so nice to be appreciated.

  6. Thank you for your falls just at the right moment as I have just been told that I am more French than the French....and it wasn't meant as a compliment!

    I enjoy your blog so much, both words and photographs and am so glad you are enjoying blogging.

  7. Thank you so much for the award, delighted !! And to be in fine such company too - you are a sweetie.. Bon weekend to you.

  8. Dear Dash
    How sweet you certainly deserve your sunshine award.... your blog is always a joy for me to visit...

    Thank you so much for my lovely award... my art teacher from high school may not agree but I am thrilled to receive my first art award.... you're so cute.

    Congrats to all the other bloggers... some I don't know so will have to pay a visit.. thanks again Dash for my lovely award.. xxx Julie

  9. Oh my dear, thank you so much and I'm very much flattered. I shall be PROUD to display it on my blog. I haven't been around to check the messages since I don't use internet at home. But this morning, your lovely message awaiting for me. Well, what can I say, my dear, you are a true kindred spirit as far as cultured people are concerned. Many thanks xx

  10. Oh thank you so very much for thinking of me and also my special bloggy friend ASD. Isn't his blog beautiful - it's one of my favourite places to be in the blogoshpere - as is your lovely little corner.

    It's moments like this that make me feel truly glad I began blogging. Not the award itself - although it is lovely - but that feeling of togetherness.


  11. Wow...Dash, you are so so sweet! Thank you so much for your comments and your kind words. I love sassy...such a great word and to be included with these other wonderfully sassy women is even better!
    The images for all your awards are so thoughtful and reflect the spirit of your blog. Well done and thanks again....:) Jeanne xo

  12. Merci Dash! Just got back yesterday, exhausted! I'm up early this morning and seeing this was such a lovely surprise Dash... much nicer than the bags that need to be unpacked ;-)


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