Monday, March 8, 2010

Just When I thought Spring Was Coming

These were taken in my garden first thing, this morning. There were a few snow flurries yesterday, but I did not think it would settle. So the snow this morning caught me by surprise.  Seems like we will have to wait a little longer for Spring.


  1. Dash - I love these photos with the red brolly - gorgeous...but not what you were expecting on your return from the 'big move' - you were probably looking forward to relaxing in the sunshine! Have a lovely week & hopefully the sun will come out soon...x

  2. Oh no, please don't let the snow come back to us. At the moment we have the coldest winds I have experienced out here. It makes my eyes water every time I set foot outside.

    Welcome home by the way

  3. Just when all the snow finally melted here, it came back again last night covering everything. I'm so anxious for spring!
    Love the red brolly :-)


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