Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Sap Is Rising

Altamont Gardens, Ireland

 The weather here is now getting warmer (a balmy 23° celcius, outside, this afternoon) the sap is rising, my thoughts are turning to the garden. I was out yesterday tidying up my climbing roses and doing a general assessment of all the work I will have to do, sadly I think we will have a lot of casualties this spring, as we have had a very cold winter.


I love the garden and gardening, I love nothing better in late spring and summer to potter round my garden, early in the morning, usually still in my robe, cup of coffee in hand, looking, smelling, assessing and enjoying.  To think, if you had told me this at 21 years of age, how I would have scoffed!

 Monet's Garden, Giverny

 I think of the garden as living art, I think gardens should be romantic, a place for children to find adventure, adults to spend time in and enjoy, a haven for wildlife and a source of food.


When we inherited our own garden it was a bit of a wilderness, and very overgrown, we had to cut everything back and wait to see what would emerge, before we could do anything, there were some real gems in there, so I am glad we waited, 'The garden' told us what it wanted.

Cothay Manor

 At first, I tried to create an English cottage garden, I only half suceeded, my attempt at a herbaceous border was a disaster, wrong soil and too many snails and slugs, I have now learnt my lesson and listen to my garden.

Gardens are always a work in progress.  As I look out of my window, I know that very soon I am going to have to give the lawn it's first haircut.

David Austins Garden

The garden centres will soon be humming with activity, as people, encouraged by the warm weather, will be purchasing, plants, pots and all manner of gardening things.

Our Garden

We are privileged indeed, to have a lovely garden to improve and enjoy.  I know space is at a premium in many places. Which is why it is so wonderful that there are many beautiful gardens and green spaces in the world, open for all to enjoy.

Our Courtyard

And after a good day's work in the garden, on a hot day, there is nothing better to sit back, and admire all your hard work with a chilled glass of Rosé.


  1. Just popped in from the garden and thought I would have a quick look at your latest comment while I grabbed a cold drink - what a treat! how great to see such lovely gardens. It makes me realise I still have a long way to go. Your garden and view look beautiful. I can understand how you must love to wander through it. Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. What lovely gardens you have shared - your own included! And your courtyard is so beautiful - I swoon!

  3. Dash - your garden & view are absolutely beautiful - what a fabulous spot. I have noticed all the garden centres getting busier and everyone preparing for the warmer times (hopefully) ahead..Isn't it wonderful when you can actually feel some warmth on your skin and getting out into the garden is such a pleasure? x

  4. Dear Dash
    What a lucky girl you are to live amongst all this beauty.. the garden and courtyard are delightful.. and the view magnificent... it must be very inspiring to be surrounded by all that beauty.. Lucky for us you share this beauty on your blog... I know I will be reliving spring and summer through your eyes.. xxx Julie

  5. Dash..I hung on to your every word and so enjoyed all those photos only to come to the best of all, your garden and courtyard. I can just imagine how wonderful it must feel to wander out on a summers morning in pj's and a coffee in hand just taking it all in. The smells, the birds, the flowers...the mental notes you make as you survey the land. I got all that from this post...wonderful!!


    PS...anything special arrive in the post yet? Only one of the five has arrived so far Thx...

  6. Your garden and courtyard look beautiful and I can easily understand why you would want to be out there so much. Our garden is on the level below where our living room is, so we cannot just go out of the French windows into the outside - but we do have a pretty balcony for our breakfast.

    I used to love going to Sissinghurst, especially to see the White Garden. I adore white flowers.

  7. I'm jealous! Firstly,because living right in the village, I don't have a garden, and secondly, 23 degrees!! I left gorgeous warm weather in Boston to arrive to a grey and raining Nice. Was raining all day in Le Petit Village yesterday. Sunny today but will only reach 14. If I don't get to wear some sunny shorts or dress soon, I'm going to go bonkers! Enjoy your garden, it looks heavenly :-)


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