Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little Bit Self Indulgent

Catherine Deneuve
I apologise for the self indulgent nature of this post, but, I have  to confess, I am no shrinking violet when it comes to my birthday.  I am not one of these people who keeps quiet about my birthday, and then casually announces it, making everyone feel guilty, because they had not remembered the date from the previous year and had not bought cards or presents.  No, I am the sort of person who feels a birthday should last all week, I drop subtle hints about what  presents I would like and where I want to go, I feel it is the only time of year when one can get away with being a complete diva.

I had told MG, that I fancied going away for the night this year, perhaps to Biarritz or San Sebastian, but then I realised, that my birthday, this year falls on Easter Sunday, so I think we will take a rain check on that and go another time, when it will be less busy. 

I am very lucky, I am happy in my skin, so ageing does not bother me, I don't feel the urge to rush out and have botox or plastic surgery, however I must admit years of tea drinking, red wine drinking and the occasional cigarette have taken it's toll on my teeth, so I would concede to have my teeth whitened, not so white that you have to wear shades when I smile, but a nice natural white, I think a good smile is the most important thing, at any age.

I have been looking at some old photographs, and dug this one out of me, at 21, pouty, posy and thought I knew it all, complete with big hair, taken in the late eighties.  I don't  look like this now,  I am not sure if I really looked like this then! 

I thought it might be fun , to reveal something of my 21 year old self.

Occupation - Student, supplemented grant by working as a waitress, a sales assistant in a clothes shop and occasional modelling jobs. 
Lived - Brighton, England, in a student house, lived with an unsuitable boyfriend, whom my parents did not approve of, (they turned out to be right).
Drove - Black Fiat Panda, kindly donated by my Father.
Style - When I first arrived in Brighton, I was leaning towards being a new romantic, but Brighton life, soon turned me into a bit of a hippy.
Holidays - Backpacking round Europe and Glastonbury Festival.
Aspirations - I had absolutely no idea, I was quite happy to go with the flow.

What were you doing at 21?


  1. Happy birthday for Sunday...I also believe in making a big fuss of birthdays...they should require a week long festival every year! 21...I was graduating as an Army officer!! Now that was a lifetime ago!

  2. Well-early Happy Birthday and yes, you should celebrate all week long! No question! I agree-we should make them last once we hit a certain age. "To You"!

  3. Great post Dash...I like your approach to Birthdays, make them last as long as you can. Weren't you a stunner at 21....my feeling is that you are still the same and it adds to the mystery of the intriguing blog photo:)
    At 21...I was a bright eyed thing joining the ranks of corporate America and ready to take on the world. One of a few women back then I was ready to set the world on fire. My college years were spent reading Ayn Rand and I was going to be just like the heroine in her book, 'Atlas Shrugged'. New York was the scene and it was a long time ago......
    great memories, it was the making of me:)
    I love your story...you have to tell us more. Hope you have a spectacular birthday!
    PS...just sent you a note, the package has done a return trip to the UK via China I am sure!

  4. Me at 21... student at University of Texas, living in Austin with my friend Jules, in an apartment that had different pastel colors on each kitchen cabinet and white fairy lights strung up every where. What a great time :-)
    I couldn't agree more with you, birthdays should last the whole week, and that's how I celebrate mine. I let everyone know when it's my birthday and probably drive everyone crazy with my continual celebrations. This year, I actually declared my birthday as an International Day of Awesomeness or IDA for short. Yes, my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy.
    Happy birthweek Dash! Hope you have a truly wonderful one :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Week! I just KNEW I loved you Dash - I do the same thing - Birthday Diva, indeed! (We've actually been known to call it "Stephie's Birthday Fiesta Week" - yes, it's that bad!Lol!) I only realized I did this when my son was little, as he used to tell everyone we saw that it was my birthday. Bless his sweet heart, because he also told everyone I was 21, every single year! And you my dear, were an absolute stunner at 21! Gorgeous!

  6. Happy Birthday week, Dash. I hope you make the most of it. Easter weekend is always wet too, so probably best to wait a little.

    Great pic of you at 21. I think I was in the last of my 4-year course at Exeter University. I was living with two girls in a freezing little house and I walked a lot.

  7. Oh you are so beautiful. Really gorgeous - they must have been swooning at your feet.

    We've talked before about birthdays and as you know I have exactly the same take on it as you. Parades in our honour please.

    When I was 21 I was taking a lot of acid and having quite an old time of it.

  8. Getting up late, staying up latter, being an art student, spending a lot of time trying to find myself.......now I spend a lot of time trying to find the remote.....happy birthday!!

  9. Oh, I am quite familiar with Easter birthdays. Mine falls on the 7th, so I have shared my day with bunnies and chocolate often through the years. Let's see.... at 21 I was drifting and traveling. A bit of a dreamer. But I married early... 22!! Happily, it worked out perfectly for me, but I realize now how very young that was!

    And I am totally in agreement with taking an entire week to celebrate your birthday. I can assure you, I intend to!!

  10. Thanks for thinking about me..you are so kind....

    this just about did me in...

    it has been the worst experience of my life....just horrible...so, so sad and lonely...trying to hang on till Teddy gets here, but I do appreciate all your support..it means alot and it does help....

    sending love,

  11. Dash..i am back again..you are such a beauty...

    and i have been reading your beautiful, beautiful blog this afternoon...and i have been so out of it that i missed the blog award...

    you are a dear to send it to me...and please know how much i appreciate it...very thoughtful of you and i am so sorry that i took so long to respond...but i am most grateful...

    thank you, my friend,

    sending love,

  12. Happy birthday Dash! Now, at 21 I was busy spending all my money, working as a financial planner (seems like a whole other lifetime!) and driving a nice Honda prelude. Oh, and just started dating the man I now call my husband. Actually I spent most of my time partying to be honest! xx

  13. I bet you are just as bit as gorgeous today as you were when you were 21.

    Happy Birthday to you! Hope the week and the day are all you want them to be.

    I was pretty dull at 21. At the University all day and working all night.

  14. Oh Dash!!
    What a stunner.. and I'm sure you still are..
    Well I tend to keep my birthday somewhat quiet and then am disappointed when nothing happens.. where's the logic in that i ask? but like you I share my birthday with a seasonal holiday.. actually mothers' day.. so in my youth it was a case of boyfriend's mothers coming first.. how annoying.. hahaha

    I hope you have the most fabulous week.. and I will be over to visit you for sure on your birthday.. if not before.. I may have to adopt your philosophy on birthdays... Have fun xxx Julie

  15. Ha ha. We love birthdays soooooooooo much and use it for any excuse for indulgence that we jokingly call it "Birthday Month"!
    Happy Birthday to you, this year you get to resurect any tradition, style or enjoyment from your past and celebrate it! CM

  16. Thank you all, for your birthday wishes and lovely compliments. I have loved hearing about what you were all up-to at 21.

  17. Hi Dash

    I wanted to send you an email, but can't fin your link, so if you would like a birthday surprise, pop over to my blog.
    Have a good day!


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