Friday, March 26, 2010

Return To Pau

Well I said I would treat myself to a day in Pau after all my hard work, mowing the lawn and spring cleaning.  On Wednesday, I finished mowing the lawn, I was so pleased with myself, that I celebrated the first mow of the season by pouring myself a glass of chilled rose, during the course of the evening I managed to finish the bottle, strange how that can sometimes happen, well all day yesterday, I was feeling distinctly woolly, and my attempts at cleaning were, well feeble, to say the least.  I woke up this morning feeling fine, added to that it was a beautiful day, so I took myself off to Pau.

Pau is a lovely town I also wrote about it here.  And I said I would give you some history, on a future post, so here it is.

Pau is a town steeped in history with its ancient chateau, the birthplace of Henri IV. Marie Antoinette, tended the small garden when she stayed at the chateau, whilst visiting the city and Napoleon used it as a holiday home.

 The Chateau

 Chateau Courtyard

Henry IV of France 'Le Bon Roi Henri'

Chateau Garden

Known as 'La Ville Anglaise' (No wonder, I feel so at home) due to the fact that Wellington brought his troops to Pau for some rest and relaxation, finding the mild climate agreeable, many of them later returned and settled in Pau, with their families. They built grand villas, many of which still exist, established the first golf course on the continent, a cricket team and a foxhunt, Pau is still very much an equestrian town hosting many international equine events. In May, Pau also plays host to a historic grand prix one of the few events where vintage cars can still race round a street circuit.

Place de Deportation 

Chateau Archway


Street in the old town

It was so nice just ambling about Pau, on a beautiful day, I stopped off here for refreshment.

When I walked past here, the beautiful smell of roses knocked me out, they specialise in making the most exquisite  arrangements and bouquets only using roses.

This is the most wonderful shop, selling all sorts of interior design nic nacs, I always pop in, no purchases today!

Well, I have had my treat, MG does not come back until Sunday afternoon, so I have plenty of time to finish the cleaning.....I will be abstemious until then!
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. Dash - I love your photos and this history! Wonderful! Oh I would love to go. The scenery, the architecture, the history... I'm in love ...

  2. What a lovely blog ~ I am alone until Tuesday and must see to some of the same tasks as you this weekend! I'd much rather be reading and enjoying the beautiful sunshine outside. I will be back to read your older posts.
    Oh~ I loved joining you on your visit to Pau.

  3. What a beautiful town. I'll be sure to put it on my 'next time I'm in France...' list. Might take a while to come to fruition though! Know what you mean about the rose...did it myself with a bottle of sauv blanc last night...lucky it's the weekend!
    Have a good one.

  4. Another winning post Dash
    How beautiful the town is.. I'd love to have somewhere this beautiful close by.. to just be able to hop in a car and spend a day or afternoon there.. lucky for me you do and share your wonderful photos with us... Have a great weekend.. don't work too hard on the cleaning.. xx Julie

  5. Mr FF and I always like to discover new bits of France so I feel I will have to put Pau on the future visiting list. And when we do arrive of course you and I will have to meet up for a drink somewhere

  6. FF, that would be lovely, let me know, when your coming.

  7. Dash - thanks for the lovely tour...I have to tell you that my LAB saw me reading your blog the other day and I have noticed him looking at the property websites (again!) of houses in France...Hmmm...hope you are having a wonderful weekend x

  8. I'm loving the photos and history of that town. It's going on my, 'weekend away' list, which is getting rather long.
    And don't worry about the rosé, I did the same with a bottle of rosé on Thursday :-)

  9. I really did enjoy that history lesson. My first stop would be the rose boutique where I'd select a bouquet to carry with me all day.


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