Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Pastel Day

I had a very early start this morning, as I had to drive MG to Toulouse Airport, he has gone off to the UK on business for a few days. The weather was not brilliant first thing this morning, but on the way back it brightened up, becoming a lovely spring day.

It was in fact a pastel day, the sort of day that makes you want to get the paints out, with scudding clouds in the sky, occasionally blotting out the sun. I decided to get off the auto route and take a detour of the local area, and as usual I had my camera with me.

Our village, from a distance

The snow in the Pyrenees is starting to melt, the rivers are rising. The spring sunlight dancing on a river

Country Lane

Proud Mother with her offspring, obligingly looking at the camera

And when I got home, I had two, yes two dogs, waiting for their walk. We have not acquired another dog, we are looking after 'Matty' one of Crusoe's girlfriends, whilst her owners are away.

 'Throw it, I am waiting'

There is always a tussle for the stick!


Well I wonder what I am going to do with my time, now I am on my own, I have to finish mowing the lawn and I have to make a start on the spring cleaning, maybe if I work really hard for the rest of the day, and Thursday I will reward myself with a trip to Pau on Friday........


  1. You lucky girl! What a lovely spot of spring you found - beautiful, simply beautiful.

  2. A trip to Pau...from your last post about it...seems well worth working for.

  3. Would you believe I still haven't been to Pau. Spend too much time bypassing to go elsewhere! And I have looked outside myself a few times today - you are right, it's a pastel day!

  4. Hello Ange next time your near Pau, you must visit, it's a lovely place, you won't be disappointed.

  5. Oh it looks so lovely where you are. We're in a bit where the French go on holiday and I bet you are as well.

    Make the most of the few days alone - with Crusoe and girlfriend. Don't worry about the lawn - go to Pau.

  6. Your blog is absolutely wonderful. I am thrilled to have found you, thanks to the divine Julie/Ruby.

    Love your photographs and your dog.

  7. Hope you enjoy your 'down' time - my LAB works from home & I think he's sick of me asking when he's going away on a trip.....!!! x

  8. Pastel days are lovely days. Ours has been a variation of greys.

  9. Dear Dash
    These photographs are just divine and other worldly.... so beautiful.....i long to someday live where I am surrounded by such beauty... as just as enjoyable as your shots of Crusoe.. I've become very attached to him.. he is a beauty also!! xx Julie

  10. The baby lamb is so adorable----and your dog and his pal could not be cuter!

  11. I have placed you on my blogroll!
    Wonderful blog!
    Edward sends his best to Crusoe.

  12. Oh wow, just found you through Jeanne. I know what I'll be reading this weekend, and on to the blog roll thingy you go along with her!


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