Sunday, April 17, 2011

Designs on the Garden!

Been doing an awful lot of gardening over the past few days we have got it looking quite elegant now...

However there is a problem area...

We built the steps a few years ago, we have fed electric lines down but have never been quite sure what to do with it, MG started on a gravel path which you can hardly see now as it is obscured by weeds, even the weeds have weeds, it's been a wild flower meadow and there was talk of a pretty vegetable/salad garden with raised beds and gravel with a seating area, now it is sadly neglected and used as a garden dumping ground, we really need to get down there and strim the whole lot and then tackle the giant weeds but after working in the top garden we are often too tired.  Frankly I am at the stage where I would get a bulldozer in to clear and level it, and then...well I had something like this in mind...


  1. what a coincidence. I am reading "Life" currently too.
    Wish you a sunny Sunday!

  2. That would be gorgeous, Dash!

    I admire your enormous lawn's dandelion-free status.

    My lawn is mainly moss. And dandelions. Still, it's all green...(other than the flower heads and I pick them off to give the illusion of 'lawn')

    Ali x

  3. There is absolutely nothing more inviting than a pool like that with grass right up to the edge and no wide concrete apron to spoil the effect. Hire the bulldozers!

  4. Dash, wow! Beautiful garden, unbelieveable view.
    I do like the pool idea...but leave some room for the vegetable/herb garden.

  5. Hello:
    What a wonderful opportunity. Create a straight path, lined up on the steps, of flagstones, stepped where necessary to allow for the fall in the land, to the extent of the boundary. Remove anything in its way and, at the end, build a small belvedere [viewing platform] to overlook your truly wonderful view.

    To each side of the path, plant fruit trees which will grow out of long grass [possibly to be cut no more than 2/3 times a year] into which you establish wild flowers.

    Whatever, do not be depressed about any of it. Life is short and you are living in a most beautiful place.

  6. Thank you Jo, I have only just started reading it, I can't wait to get stuck in!

    Alison, our Lawn is actually just a field, I had just mowed it, before there were tons of dandelions and MG is constantly doing things to get rid of the moss, strangely I love mowing the lawn, it's so satisfying just afterwards, then you have to do it
    again a few days later, still the more you mow the better it gets.

    Fly, Webb and Jazzy, the pool is a bit of a dream I have always wanted one as I adore swimming and it gets very hot and humid here in the summer months, still fingers crossed, one day...

    Belle, Thank you, it is a beautiful view and being outdoors always makes me appreciate it even more, we have a herb garden near the kitchen but still wondering where to sight the vegetable garden.

    Jane and Lance, am loving the idea of fruit trees with long grass and wild flowers, the curved (MG has a thing about straight lines!) gravel path is already stepped with flagstones to take the fall of the land, not that you can tell with all the weeds! We are terribly spoilt and even though the view is good down there it's not the best vantage point.

    I will post another image of 'the problem area' after we have worked on it so you can get a better idea! Still would love that pool though!

  7. Webb I forgot to add I trawled through hundreds of pictures on the internet before I found this pool, I love grass right up to the edges and aesthetically to fit in with our surroundings I adore the darker colour of the water.

  8. OMG !! that view...I am awe struck

  9. Oh. My. Stars.

    This is BEAUTIFUL! I love the steps and I love the idea of the pool. What an amazing canvas to work with!

  10. You do live in such a beautiful place, Dash...This post has given me an idea for my own blog. Thanks!
    Thanks also for popping in earlier and I hope you enjoy your spring celebrations, whatever they may be.

  11. Dash, its such a wonderful garden!!
    Keep the steps, the pool will be more of an effort keeping clean :)

  12. Your garden is gorgeous! What an amazing view. Oooh, and a pool would be so lovely.

  13. Jyoti would definitely keep the steps, the whole point is walking down them to the pool, which cannot be seen from the upper garden, like a secret pool!

  14. Oh it's very Pride & Prejudice - a pretty little wilderness at the end of the garden.

    It's crying out for a pool though, isn't it? I love the fact that it would be so tucked away.

  15. I love your garden and the view is spectacular. A pool like that would be perfect. Friends have a similar one in Sussex, it looks dark grey almost black and is really beautiful xx

  16. garden or pool - you can't really go wrong either way!


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