Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

What a lovely surprise, no one was expecting William and Kate or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they are now known to drive the short distance from Buckingham Palace to Clarence house like this, in a decorated Aston Martin Volante that belongs to Prince Charles a 21st Birthday gift from the Queen. I think it is definitely a sign of things to come, a more modern and relaxed monarchy.

The first glimpse of the dress, absolutely stunning and very reminiscent of Princess Graces wedding dress, I was thrilled that the rumours were true and she had chosen Sarah Burton for McQueen, I shed a tear at this point.  I loved the simplicity of the floral arrangements and the bouquet, green and white, my favourite combination, lily of the valley perfect for this time of year.

Inside Buckingham Palace, the last tweaks to the cake.

For me the Middleton family stole the show, Pippa, looked sublime and almost upstaged the bride, how gorgeous is James Middleton?  And her Father was impeccable, Kate's Mother looked fabulous in Catherine Walker, a great nod to Diana.

Two very happy people.

Kate dressed for the evening do, in another wonderful Sarah Burton for McQueen creation, the fifties theme, once again very strong.
I am looking forward to seeing the going away outfit.

London at it's very best, the atmosphere must have been amazing.

And here they are the morning after, Kate in her going away outfit, which is very understated and summery they have just left Buckingham Palace for their honeymoon by helicopter, my guess is they will be taken to an airport and leave by private jet to a warm, sunny and very private destination, there is much speculation by the media.  They have requested total privacy I hope they are left alone, we don't really need to know where they are.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. Gorgeous dress and absolutely great wedding day:-)))*

    Wish you lovely weekend,

  2. Thanks, Dash. had to work and missed it all. Will see the DVR as soon as possible, but these are the first good photos I have seen. What a lovely dress!

  3. I watched The Royal Wedding. It was perfect moment after perfect moment. Beautiful Bride and Happy Groom. May they enjoy a long life together of peace and much happiness.

    London was also enchanting -
    Your photo selection is wonderful!

  4. Thankful that the Royals dipped into the Spencer gene pool! Just in time, too!

  5. Hi Dash
    How fab that first shot is.. I missed that part.. must have been past my bedtime here.. xxx Julie

  6. Hello Dash:
    What a wonderful selection of images you show here, capturing happy moments of a lovely day.

    But, for us, the Monarchy is outmoded and, however hard they might try to 'reinvent' themselves, for us they do not sit happily with C21 life.

  7. That dress really was beautiful! I suprised myself at how excited i was for the wedding - i watched it right through from 8.30am to 1.40pm. Didn't manage to get down to the pub with friends though as i had too much difficult coursework to do :( story of my life the way thanks for your comments on my blog the other day Dash, they're always lovely!

    Lots of love, Lucy :) x

  8. What a wonderful selection of photos, Dash. I didn't watch it and was interested to see the happy couple in Charles' Aston Martin.

  9. Love the Aston Martin touch. They are really like a couple of young rock stars, aren't they?

    Here's hoping that they are wonderfully happy together and that the media treat her a bit better than they did Prince William's mother. We don't want a repeat of that.

    In that last picture, Kate looks REALLY thin. Look at her wee legs and forearms *decides to send down several packets of butter to Mrs Wales*

    Ali x

  10. I thought the dress was superb...but there was something odd about the veil when it was thrown looked like those veils in twenties wedding photographs which seem to squash the bride.

    Have to admit being stunned by the womens' turn out generally...the abbey looked like something from an Eastenders wedding scene.

  11. All of London was celebrating, it really was wonderful. I too loved all the lily of the valley and the beautiful archway of trees.

  12. There were huge street parties round here, some of them went on all night. I'd been up since 7am so I managed not to get involved for once!

    Beautiful pictures you've posted here. I loved the dress and the Aston Martin, what a lovely touch that was xx

  13. Happiness and love to the both of them!


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