Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Night Before

Kate lookalike

How excited must Kate Middleton be tonight? Tomorrow she will be marrying her Prince and sealing her place in history.  I can't wait to catch the first glimpse of the dress, she will be aware that she will become a huge fashion icon after the wedding, so it's important for her to make her mark with her wedding dress.  I wonder which tiara she will choose, one borrowed from the Queens collection or will she wear the Spencer family tiara, my moneys on the latter the world will find out tomorrow.

Kate at The Goring earlier this evening with her Mother and Sister, looking happy and relaxed.

I wish them all the best for a long life of happiness and love.


  1. Hello Dash:
    You sound beyond excited. Soon the waiting will be over and all [well, perhaps not all!!] will be revealed.

    Whatever, we do hope that you will enjoy it all from your front row seat.

  2. Dear Dash, it does sound like you're very excited about tomorrow. I hope you celebrate in splendid style, dressed to the nines with a glass of something chilled and delicious. xxx

  3. Jane, Lance and Vix, I am not normally big on Royalty but I am very excited about seeing the dress and it is a good excuse to swig Champagne in the morning, which is currently chilling in the fridge!

  4. I was planning to watch, but then the media has so saturated us with this I may not. But I probably will! :)

  5. I'm pretty excited myself and hoping that I can be awake early enough to watch it! Dash, I love the idea of champagne in the morning! Enjoy!!
    Blissful tidings,

  6. I've been getting more and more excited all week. I can't wait to see the dress (McQueen with Gina shoes). I know she'll look fabulous. Have a brilliant day. Champagne sounds just the ticket. I'm doing to have to keep a bit of a lid on it until later, sadly! xx

  7. Was it everything you expected? I thought she looked absolutely stunning. All in such good taste.


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