Friday, April 8, 2011


Norman Parkinson for Vogue, India 1956.
Parkinson’s work in India prompted  Diana Vreeland to say that, in her view, he had captured the country spectacularly, “Because he understands that pink is the navy blue of India.”

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend


  1. HI Dash
    These photos are divine, especially the second. I'd love to return to India,
    Hope you're well and your spring is shaping up well

  2. Wow! That first photo is perfect. Visions of Monet - in another world of beauty. Thank you. Hoping your weekend is wonderful too.

  3. Gorgeous pix! I'd love to go to India one day :-)

    Have a great weekend, Dash!

    Ali x

  4. That first picture is beautiful! I love that saying aswell - was just introduced to it by Vix (the Vintage Vixen - i saw that lovely burgundy dress you sent her by the way!). I'm very jealous of the 3-week holiday in Goa she's on right now, i'd really love to go to India one day (better add it to the list haha).

    Lots of love, Lucy :) x

  5. OOOH!! So pretty! I dream of someday going to India, the native's love of color there would suit me fine!!!

  6. And THAT is fashion history! SO beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  7. Beautiful photos! I am positively itching to go someplace new and beautiful and take a million photos!

  8. The pictures are gorgeous!

    Have a lovely weekend too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will be hot tomorrow. Hope it still is there xx

  9. Stunning! The first photo reminds me of "Ophelia"...the colors are breathtaking. This second is so classic and chic, and the third makes me want to hop a plane and be on my way.

  10. Hi dash, what a great story.. Tose pics are incredible. So romantic and vreeland's comment priceless. Hope you are well. Carla xx

  11. where else will you find men wearing hot pink...India is such a colorful, and exotic country. I visited when I was 19 and had the journey of my pink too....and dislike navy blue!

  12. Hello:

    These are indeed magical images and do, as you say seem to capture the spirit of what is a most intriguing country. We are certain that the horror of long distance flying will mean that we shall never see India face to face but we shall never tireof looking at photographs such as those you show here and dreaming...

    We are so pleased to have discovered you and have signed ourselves as Followers to your most stylish and eclectic blog.


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