Wednesday, April 27, 2011

French House for Sale

Front of house and garden

Don't worry I have not turned this blog into an estate agency I am simply helping my Father out, at the tender age of 82 my Father has decided to sell his holiday home in France as he wishes to spend more time in Britain and the US.  I am helping him with the marketing of the property.

The estate agents round here charge exorbitant amounts of commission and in reality do very little work, so we have decided to self market, I am launching it on this blog first before I let it lose on the property websites.

Dad's house is only around 30 years old but it is well built and solid and it is built in traditional Bigourdan style. (Bigorre is the old name for the region that lies to the north of the Pyrenees and in the upper valleys of the Ardour River, now situated in the 65, Hautes Pyrenees department of France, which remains one of the most unspoiled and majestic of regions)

I won't say too much more about it as I really don't want to sound like an estate agent, instead I will show you round...

Front and side of house

The house is set on an acre of land, Dad has not landscaped it too much as he loves simplicity and it is his holiday home, so he wanted to keep it low maintenance, the only job that needs doing is cutting the grass, however for the adventurous the land is really fertile and the soil is rich, it is a gardeners dream, there are endless possibilities and with an acre the world is your oyster, vegetable garden, small holding, or luxurious swimming pool and terrace, it is all possible...

Back garden and view of house

Back garden view from the house

Trees that lead to...

The River Neste, a tributary of the Garonne at the bottom of the garden

A large decked sun terrace, and view from the front of the house, on a clear day you can see the mountains.

 The kitchen

The house looks deceptively small on the outside but it is actually very spacious, at present it comprises 120 sq meters of living space (1291 sq ft) this comprises three double bedrooms and two bathrooms, one with a shower and one with a bath, a sitting room, kitchen diner and hallway, every bedroom has built in wardrobes with more built in wardrobes and storage in the hallway.  There is a huge sous sol with cave (garage,basement and wine cellar) that runs underneath the the entire length and breadth of the house and a large attic space which also runs the entire length and breadth of the house made with beautiful chestnut wood floor boards and an exposed ceiling, ripe for turning into a sumptuous master suite (Dad has always said if he had been younger he would have done this!)

Sitting room

Sitting room

Bedroom one

Bedroom two

Bedroom three

Outside the drive looking right

Outside the drive looking left

What more can I say, the house is ready to move into but also has a huge amount of potential (I am really worried now that I sound like an estate agent but it is true!) all the windows and doors are double glazed (tastefully) complete with wooden shutters, he wants to sell it 'as is' with all furniture, fixtures and fittings, gardening tools and sit upon lawn mower included, he even wanted to throw in his car and motor bike, yes my Dad even in his eighties still tears around on the country roads on a motor bike, I think he will sell  those separately, the asking price is 230,000 Euros, (legal and notary fees not included), what do you think?
Interested?  You can find my e mail on my profile page.


  1. Oh...if only I could afford it....sigh.

  2. It is really very good value...good luck.

  3. Someday I want something like this!! Looks beautiful...

  4. That property is lovely and a bit of a steal at that price. I wish...
    Your dad has great taste as well.

  5. Ooooh Dash, its such a beautiful house. Your father has dressed it up to be so inviting!
    I wish I could afford it :(
    Its at such a great price.

  6. Looks like such a lovely holiday home. I've tweeted the link to spread the word x

  7. Dash, it's beautiful! Your Dad has impeccible taste. I'll spread to word to a couple of my Francophile mates. xxx

  8. Hello Dash:
    What an enchanting, lovely property which, we are certain, you will have absolutely no difficulty in selling. The situation is magnificent, all that wonderful countryside, and as for the river at the bottom of the garden - perfection itself.

    It will be hard for your father to give it up and we do so hope that he will not regret his decision.

    And no, you do not in the least bit sound like an estate agent. What you say here has far too much feeling and warmth for that.

  9. Oh wow, what a place! Best of luck in getting it sold - it seems like an absolute bargain.

  10. Looks lovely, Dash. Where is it?

  11. Hi Sarah it is in a small village called Montousse:

  12. Oh it's lovely! I wish I had some money!!

    You'll have no trouble selling it. As you say with the grounds it has so much potential for anyone to put their stamp on it.

    We're coming to France in June. Cannot wait! Hope you had a lovely Easter xx

  13. So lovely!! And such beautiful property! I can't imagine you and/or your father will have much trouble finding a buyer who will appreciate all this offering has.

  14. Dash this is beautiful and I'm sure that it will not be on the market for very long!

    I shall link to this page on my FB account for you - well, you just never know who might be interested... ;-)

    Ali x

  15. You know I love nature, so I think it is a perfect place to unwind! Very close to nature, nice place to reminisce good memories,how I wish I could own a place like this. I will work hard so I can live in a place like this. Thank you for sharing.

    charles a

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  17. I am sure about myself that a property like this would be my dream home to have. So great to live in a place like this.

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  18. Well, wow! That looks like a great house to have, as a home or vacation house. All that nature looks so fine! Well, good luck in self-marketing it. Selling can be pretty tricky, but make sure that the house is in good shape and hope that people get interested.

  19. Oh my, that's one gorgeous property! It's simple yet elegant - perfectly French! It's like it popped out of an Alexandre Dumas novel. Good luck on selling it. I think the next owner would be very, very lucky.

  20. Beautiful! I just felt a bit sad because your father had to sell this one. I would love to live in this kind of place, but I'm perfectly happy with my new nest. I just hope this house finds new owners who will love and take care of it. =]


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