Thursday, January 6, 2011

Allure, Diana Vreeland Book Giveaway

I have a fabulous brand new copy of Diana Vreeland's book 'Allure'  to give away, it is a new edition of the book, which was first published in 1980.  It is jam packed with photographs which inspired Vreeland, along with her musings on why she finds the images alluring.  Photographers include, Cecil Beaton, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon and Steichen to name but a few.

Vreeland was encouraged to write the book by her friend Jackie O and she worked with Christopher Hemphill on the book.  In the new edition there is a forward by Marc Jacobs, it is a truly fabulous book, which chronicles the twentieth century beautifully.  Christopher Hemphill  first suggested calling the book 'Beyond Fashion' which is apt because this book is certainly beyond fashion.

Diana Vreeland really needs no introduction she was a great arbiter of style, she was a fashion editor at Harpers Bazaar and then went onto to become editor in chief for Vogue, amongst her many discoveries were Lauren Bacall in the forties and Edie Sedgwick in the sixties, she advised Jackie Kennedy on fashion and style. The character of  Maggie Prescott in the 1957, Paramount musical 'Funny Face' was based on her.  She was without doubt the most influential fashion editor of the twentieth century and I like many others think she was exceptional.

Go here to see her in action.

 Lauren Bacall

 Edie Sedgwick

 Jackie Kennedy Onassis

 Maggie Prescott's Office in Funny Face

Diana Vreeland in her office, surrounded by the photographs pinned to the wall which inspired her.

Diana at work styling the model Bijou in 1942

Diana in her legendary apartment

To win this book you must either be a follower or become one or leave me a comment telling me what you find alluring.  This give-away is worldwide, I wish I had more copies to give away but there is only one.  I will be drawing the winner next Wednesday, Bonne Chance!


  1. Fantastic giveaway Dash!

    Lauren Bacall says it all for me. That shot is perfection.

    I thought of you as I opened one of my Christmas gifts, Cafe Society by Thierry Coudert. I saw it in the book store, Galignani, in Paris a few months back and loved it. The images in your post remind me of it. If you have not seen it, be sure to look it up, I know you will love it!

    Jeanne xx

  2. The pictures look amazing! Happy new year from Norway!

  3. I have a copy of a book about her but not BY her. I've always been fascinated with her motherly relationship with Marisa Berenson. I really wish she was still editor of Vogue!

  4. This looks like an amazing book.

  5. I find this blog alluring!!!

  6. I follow your blog Dash
    I am grateful that you provide an indepth look at art and artists...I learn something new when I pop in.

    I find the lifestyles of the rich and famous very alluring...
    I like to read about them and see images of opulence that is standard issue in their daily round.

    I allow myself to live vicariously for a brief moment.

  7. The photographs are alluring, elegant and invite me keep turning the pages.

  8. Wasn't Diana an admirable woman? I just love her sense of style and her confidence. Happy 2011 to you and your sweeties, Dash.

  9. HI Dash, Divine give-away. From the images you have shown here the book looks like a feast for fashion and photography lovers.. Such luscious.. Carla x

  10. Oh what a wonderful giveaway.

    I find country houses deeply alluring. I don't really mind what era they were built in or what style they're decorated in, there's just something about that way of life that really appeals to me. I just ignore the fact I'd have been a skivvy!

  11. Mystery. Holding something back that can only be discovered by a deeper study. Reserve and dignity.
    Modern culture lacks all these things. Many of things which seem to fascinate you have them in spades. Congratulations on your lovely work.

  12. What a fabulous book. Of course I am a follower and I would love to win this for my very stylish daughter (after I'd read it first of course!) I'm always inspired by reading your posts on famous, interesting, and yes...alluring people. Thank you for providing something no-one else does :)

  13. Fantastic book! I find effortlessly chic style alluring. I don't think I can ever master the look myself but at least I can admire it :-)

  14. I'm trying to remember when I first discovered Diana Vreeland - I think it was in Vogue during the '70s. I worked at a public library and they had the old large-sized Vogue's and they were my introduction to the great wide world of design, style and fashion. At that time it wasn't quite so much about youth. Sure the models were young but the articles were about women in their 40s and beyond, and the more eccentric the better. I think one of the first interviews I read with DV was in Interview. Interview was at its absolute height and it was through this interview that I got a sense of the 'voice' of DV. Then I read her incredible biography which may have been partially fiction but it was fabulous all the same. I also borrowed (from the library) a copy of Allure. Oh my, what a discovery. The inspiration from those photos, of women and men, stylish and interesting of all ages inspired the blog I write today. Allure is not at all about age - it's all about style and the imaginative mind. Thanks to the Hostess for introducing me to your blog. Now I'm a follower too.

  15. Confidence is alluring; so many are sheep today that even a snippet from Diana Vreeland or a glimpse of an image she styled is invigorating. She was always interesting.

    "I think your imagination is your reality."

    "Fashion must be an intoxicating release from the banality of the world."

    [DV comments]

  16. Oh my daughters and I know would spend hours looking over these pages. What a great book!! There are so many things I find alluring, just being who you are is the number one thing for me I think.

  17. Amazing book! following on gfc---what I find Alluring ---something unique--I am always drawn to new things--I hate the walmart world of everything that's been around since your parents were young--This was a sad year for Christmas--nothing new--just the sad same old, same old!
    I love Diane Vreeland's amazing apartment I want to see more!

  18. I follow via gfc, and I find the black and white photos alluring! suelee1998 @


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