Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cave Dwelling

Sometime back in the late eighties, me and a girlfriend went inter-railing round Europe for a year, we ended up spending some months in Greece touring round and Island hopping.  One of the Islands we hopped onto was Santorini, we hooked up with some friends and stayed with them for a couple of weeks, in their temporary home which was a cave!

Yesterday evening I watched 'The Secret Mediterranean with Trevor Macdonald' one of the locations featured was Santorini, I had forgotten just how beautiful this Island is, not only that but the caves were also mentioned, they look a little different since I was there and have now been beautifully developed and turned into the super chic 'Perivolas Suites'.  These former humble fisherman cave home dwellings are now the most valuable real estate in Greece.

I think these suites are stunning, I love Greek inspired design and have always had a weakness for the simplicity of curving lime washed walls.


I am now dreaming of returning to Santorini, and staying in those cave dwellings once again.


  1. On this very wet day looking at the pics makes me smile! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Looks wonderful. We are in Greece almost every summer, but never been to Santorini. Maybe give it try, next year

  3. I stumbled across Perivolas Suites some years back and ever since have dreamed or visiting Santorini. I too watched The Secret Med yesterday evening and was glued to the t.v. whilst Trevor McDonald gave us glimpses of Oia and other parts of Santorini, wonderful. Recently I also came across Michael's blog, Oia, Santorini, go take a look at his wonderful pictures of the caldera and beautiful sunsets. Perhaps this is the year for me to visit Santorini, having recently retired? Gotta go, am off to look at flights and accommodation!

  4. Have you seen what people are doing with the troglodyte dwellings in the Loire valley?
    I think it's a group of them around Doue la Fontaine in the Maine et Loire...but I don't have my references to hand.

  5. These rooms are magnificent and wonderfully cool for the heat of Santorini.
    I did stay in a cave chambres d'hotes in the Loire Valley, and it was very cold and unpleasant. I told myself never again to the cave idea.
    But now, I would consider becoming a cave dweller in this lovely place.

  6. These look AMAZING, but far too tempting to a small boy with a set of coloured pens, methinks.

    Perhaps when he's left home, I will be able to go to Santorini and stay in a cave!


  7. Santorini, the Aegean sea, and lots of Samos in takes me back to a time long ago. I so needed that thought today Dash..
    Thank you!!

    Jeanne xxx

  8. Oh I love the Greek Islands! I haven't been in SO long and I miss it. Thanks for a lovely respite from our snow covered streets!

  9. Oh I'd absolutely love to stay there!

    Isn't it funny how they've taken something so ancient and fitted it out it to such modern standards, yet it still works perfectly?

  10. Stunning pics!! I would love to stay in a cave!
    I am passing on an award to you!!

  11. Must go back to the Greek Islands one day and check these out! They do have windows don't they? Cos I'd be a bit claustrophobic otherwise.

  12. Amazing...simply amazing. As I an currently enduring a foot of snow in Upstate New York, I desperately want to be where these suites are.


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