Wednesday, January 19, 2011

French Pouts

"Just as Mick Jagger, for me, was the creature of the sixties, Bardot was the creature of the fifties. She prepared the way for the sixties, and made the sixties alluring rather than just ugly.  Her lips, made Mick Jagger's lips possible".

Diana Vreeland

 Full, pouting lips did not come into their own until the fifties, when Bardot exploded onto the scene, creating new boundaries in perceptions of beauty.  Prior to that, lips had usually been red and followed the lines of a cupids bow shape.  Sensuality comes naturally to the French, and, full pouting lips are a major feature in a lot of French faces, including, I state rather enviously a lot of my French friends.  I think it has a lot to do with the French language, the lips are used a lot in speech!  Most French women are also very adept in the application of lip products.

  Collagen injections to make lips fuller seem to have become very popular, sometimes with disastrous results, not naming names, especially since the arrival of Angelina Jolie (her lips are so full, naturally, they have a cleavage) and her predecessor Kim Basinger.

Below are some fabulous examples of the French pout...

Brigitte Bardot

 Beatrice Dalle

Emmanuelle Beart

Arielle Dombasle

Vanessa Paradis

Leslie Caron


  1. Omg - I had forgotten how obsesswd I was with Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue! ( now going to find the film and buy it)

  2. Gorgeous! I wish I had big lips like that! Naturally of course xx

  3. I'd love fuller lips but would not get injections...these pictures of French pouts are convincing me that anything French can be a chic accesory.

  4. I was teased at school for my "Nigger lips" politically incorrect but that was what they were calling them..
    Yet now I am delighted to have them :)
    I tried enhancement and it was too much.. maybe a tweak as they thin with age ?? .. you know me and injectables xx Lovely post xx

  5. I am loving these images Dash...especially Lesley Caron. How gorgeous!

    Jeanne xx

    PS...thanks again for your movie tips. They are in my Amazon basket :)

  6. There's an award for you over at my Costa Rica don't have to do anything about it, it's just a mark of my real appreciation of your gorgeous blog.

  7. Hi,beautiful owner of this blog:-)*

    I am here via ''an illustrated life''...
    Just stay here by you,so fascinated blog!


  8. how utterly gorgeous....something to inspire us to slog off the winter mange and pretty up for spring....where ever that is!!


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