Monday, March 8, 2010

A Fleeting Return To Dear Blighty

We are going to England tomorrow for a fleeting visit, MG has business to attend to and I am going along for the ride, to spend some much needed time with family and close friends.

Sadly, it will be very fleeting, flying Tuesday to Stansted, hiring a car and driving up to Yorkshire to stay at my Mothers, only to drive back to Stansted on Friday night for an early Saturday morning flight,  I thought it would be for a whole week, or maybe even two weeks, I am longing to visit some much neglected friends in London.  But MG booked it, and, Hmm, Ryan Air (loathe Ryan Air) did not have the availability for a longer visit.

We will be staying in my home town, Harrogate, in North Yorkshire and whilst MG will be attending to business bit's and bobs, I am looking forward to having a girly time with my mother and sister, spending time with my father and hopefully catching up with my very busy brother. I am also hoping to fit in some close friends, but with only three whole days, to spare I don't know how I am going to fit it all in.

Here are some of the thing's I am looking forward to doing, with family and friends:

Err, Harrogate is famous for it's beautiful shop's, so shopping is high on my agenda.
Being a lady that lunches
Walking through the town, and taking lot's of photo's
Dining out, sampling some of  Harrogate's best Curry, Chinese, Thai and Fish and Chips
Going to the pub
Hope I can fit in a long walk in the Yorkshire Dale's, sadly Crusoe won't be with me. (He is going for his own adventure, staying with friends, who have two sheepdogs).
Cream tea at Betty's
A visit to the garden centre
I won't have the time but if I did I would:
Get my hair done by my Mother's fabulous hairdresser
Go to Leeds, to visit the beautiful Victoria Quarter to do more shopping, Oh, I have to show you a photo....

 Visit awe inspiring  Salt's Mill in Shipley, to see David Hockney's latest exhibition

Well we will see, how much I achieve, once again posting and commenting could be sketchy, but I am taking my camera and laptop, so you are coming with me.


  1. ...and we are going shopping!

    Have a wonderful time Dash...enjoy every minute.
    Take lots of photos. The sun is shining!!
    Look forward to hearing all about it!
    Jeanne :)

  2. Have a wonderful trip - enjoy all the things you are looking forward to & we look forward to hearing all about it - it's chilly but beautiful here - hope it stays that way! x

  3. Have a great time...and, please, take photographs!

  4. I too loathe RyanAir with an undying passion. I do my best to avoid them whenever possible, but unfortunately get stuck with them at times.
    Enjoy your shopping and the pub!

  5. Don't forget to go shopping.

    We had a grand holiday in Yorkshire just after we met (some twelve years ago now) and Harrogate was splendid. Along with Cheltenham and Bath it has that olde worlde grandeur and beautiful crescents.

    I also hate Ryan Air - I hate all the waiting about and the crowded planes and their attitude to the passengers. As for three days - I've gone to London and back in around that time and it is amazing how much one can fit in.

    Have a great time

  6. That sounds so exciting! Have fun shopping, and I hope you get to have your hair done by your mother's dresser.

  7. I too hope you manage to squeeze in some shopping.

    Another RyanAir hater here. I've managed not to fly with them for some years now, taking Eurostar instead. The final straw came with their 6am flight from Stansted, check-in from 4am, with two small boys.

    Never again, I vowed and it's been never again.

  8. Have fun Dash
    I'm sure you will .. so much to do .. so little time but I think seeing your family will be the best part...

    Love seeing this photo here 'Victoria Quarter'... One of these days I'll get myself back into the city and will take some photo for you of the Queen Victoria Building and the Strand Arcade.. both beautiful buildings reminiscent of what you have shown here..

    Have a great time!! xx Julie

  9. Looks as though you are going to be a busy bee (and shopping!) Enjoy - I love Leeds especially that gorgeous little covered in arcade and of course 'Harvey Prickles'!!

  10. Sounds like you might have some interesting pictures to share on your return-I can't wait to see them!

    Best wishes,

  11. How lovely your trip sounds! I would love to visit Harrogate again - we had the loveliest time there. Enjoy! Leigh

  12. Hi Dash, thanks so much for visiting my blog! Loved all of your favorite movies! Nice to meet you and glad to have found your blog!! Lynn

  13. Have a lovely trip! It sounds just enchanting, le sigh!

  14. Ooh sounds like you have a lot planned, hope you have fun in England!

  15. Such gorgeous pictures! I am jealous; can I tag along?!


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