Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Wedding Party

 This is my favourite photograph, a portrait of my maternal grandparent's wedding, in the roaring twenties, (please excuse the slightly wonky photograph, but I snapped it, in it's frame, which is currently hanging on my Mothers staircase wall).

I do occasional posts about forgotten figures of the twentieth century, and although my Grandmother is certainly not forgotten, I feel she was great enough to include.  Sadly I never knew my Grandfather as he died before I was born.

My Grandmother was an amazing woman born, in 1900, it's incredible to think she lived through two world wars, six British Monarchs, countless Prime Ministers and witnessed all the changes of the fast moving twentieth century.  She was born into an artistic, forward thinking family, the eldest of four.  She showed early academic promise and a gift for languages.

She was one of the first women to attend Leeds University and graduated with honours in languages, she spoke fluent French and German, with no accent. She followed university by attending The Sorbonne in Paris to further her French studies. I wish she was still alive, Paris was so vibrant in the 1920's, I would love to ask her about it. She did tell me, she had a wonderful time.  She then returned to England and became a professor of French. 

Soon after, she met my Grandfather, she married him, had children and gave up her career, to bring up her family and help run my Grandfathers business.

Together with my siblings I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother as a child and young adult, I think she had a lot to do with shaping the person I am today.  She was a lovely Grandmother, full of warmth and wisdom and a wonderful cook, I used to love going into the pantry on baking day, to pinch freshly baked cakes and buns from the cooling trays.

In later life she was a philanthropist, involved in a lot of charities and good causes.  She passed away in 1985, every day she is with me in my thoughts and she often visits me in my dreams.  I do miss her.


  1. She sounds amazing - especially considering she grew up during a time when women did not have as many freedoms as we do today. How wonderful that you cherish her memory!

  2. I love your blog....I'm coming back later this evening to have a better look when I have more time.
    I am so passionate about France as you will see if you have time to visit my will be warmly welcomed!
    Regards, Linda

  3. What a beautiful photo.

    Isn't it a shame when our parents and grandparents have gone and there is nobody to ask about things that happened Long Ago. Find out everything you can about your family now, whilst your parents are still around.

  4. A lovely photograph and what an amazing woman your grandmother was...fascinating....

  5. The photo is so beautiful. What a bunch of gorgeous people! Your tribute to your grandmother is lovely and heartfelt.
    I remember my grandmother fondly too, although she was a bit mysterious. She did leave me her journals though, and now I understand why she had to be so.

  6. What a wonderful photograph. You must be thrilled to have it preserved so beautifully. My maternal grandmother was born in 1903, and a black and white photo taken of her in her pearls when she was about 25 sits on my dresser. It makes me so happy to have it.
    Love all the dresses in your family photo too!

  7. a beautiful portrayal- how lucky to have had her presence in your life, and Yes-that presence continues on in magical ways for you I know. PGT

  8. Simply a superb post. I am very excited these days about my wedding. We will be visiting Los Angeles soon for tying the knot. Have booked one of prettiest beachside wedding venues for our intimate wedding and having high expectations from our planner.


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