Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chelsea Flower Show And The White Garden

The Chelsea Flower show In London will be on later this month, I will be glued to the television coverage.  Particular favourites are the big show gardens and the courtyard gardens.  Not to mention all the wonderful plants and flowers on display.

As I post this, designers, plants men, set builders and organisers will be at Chelsea preparing the thousands of exhibits that will be on show.

Every year one colour comes out on top, I wonder which colour it will be this year?

In honour of the impending show I have posted some photos of plants in our garden, I love this time of year, everything is white......

Clematis Montana sprawling over a fence

Pyracantha I love it just before it blossoms, It has clouds of fluffy white buds, and in Autumn it is covered in clusters of beautiful red berries

Spirea, elegantly drooping

White Wisteria, it smells divine

The lovely white pom poms of Boules de Neige

Pretty white Erigeron, the daisy like flowers
start to turn a shade of deep pink as Summer progresses

A Lone Lilly of the valley hiding in the Ivy

Philadelphus also known as Mock Orange, on warm evenings it's beautiful orange blossom fragrance can be detected some distance away


  1. Your garden is beautiful - love white gardens and that clematis is stunning.. Cannot wait for the coverage from Chelsea Flower Show on tv - I am glued to it too. Have been lucky enough to go several times over the years but sadly will not be in England this year for it...x

  2. i would love to go to the flower show with YOU ! i think we would have a great time.....

    Teddy has won my heart...and mended a broken one too....what a sweetie-pie...i never thought i would smile again...but he changed all that...

    hi to crusoe.....and sending a doggy hug....

    kary and teddy

  3. Beautiful pictures Dash. Your garden looks stunning. I love all the white and the different purples of the alliums. Hope you've had a great weekend xx

  4. Fabulous Dash
    I've seen a few of these installations on a program we have .. Better House and Gardens.. they have their own team there every year and always bring us a program full of these fabulous gardens and creations.. In fact I think the Aussie team have won a few awards.... probably for being a bit whacko.. hahaha

    Hope you had a lovely weekend. xx Julie

  5. The Chelsea creations are gobsmacking. Such imagination and creativity! My mother goes every year AND follows it on the tele.

  6. I'm another addict and it always gives me ideas for changing something in the garden.
    Those photographs were beautiful and gave me an unexpected pang of regret for the garden at our last house, where all these grew in the courtyard.

  7. Have you ever managed to get to the Chelsea show? I'm never in the UK at the right time. The pics from your garden are beautiful, must be looking lovely at the moment.

  8. Gorgeous photos, I especially enjoyed the ones from your garden. All the white is so pretty and delicate. What a perfect May garden :)

  9. Oh to be able to go to that show would be divine!!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics with us today.


  10. What gorgeous photos, I have always wanted to go to the Chelsea flower show this will be another year that I will not. I love my garden but to be honest I am totally overwhelmed by everything going on its is looking very neglected, also so many plants are almost dead from the harsh winter. I am hoping like the economy the green shoots will progress and flourish again. Your garden is stunning and I love a white garden with different aromas. If I were living in a city with a smaller garden that is what I would choose as it also glows at night.
    Ps There is an award for you over on my blog
    , you may enjoy doing xx

  11. A visual ecstasy! To live where you are surrounded by such beauty must be very inspiring.
    Susan :)


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