Thursday, May 13, 2010

'Hello Lover'

Gorgeous Ruth from Life the Universe And All Thats In It has awarded me with the 'Hello Lover' award. I have to display seven pairs of my favourite shoes. Only seven!

Now I have talked about shoes before on this blog, my love of them, limited opportunities to wear them, lack of good shoe shops in this area etc. So some of my offerings are quite old and sadly not in the pristine condition that Ruth's are in, (all Ruths shoes are in mint condition).

 Possibly my favourite shoes, my own ruby slippers by 'Pura Lopez'. the spaghetti are thin leather straps which wrap and tie round the ankle, weighted down with little gold skulls.   I bought these from a shop in Harrogate, about 9 years ago, I was looking for a wedding outfit, saw these, fell in love and then found an outfit to go with them.  They are a bit worse for wear the metallic is wearing off a bit on the points but I still love them.  They had a baptism of fire at the wedding, which was held in a marquee on an estate in the Yorkshire countryside, the car park was in a field, suffering from the after affects of slightly too much Champagne, I went to the car to fetch my wrap, and decided to take a short cut into the field over a dry stone wall,  I clambered over and promptly landed in a ditch! I now know that beautiful shoes and the countryside do not mix.  I had to give my poor, wet, mud splattered, beautiful new shoes a really good clean when I got home.

 My old faithfuls, when in doubt I get these out. Every girl needs a pair of classic black stilettos, and these are mine, from 'Russell and Bromley', Bond Street, London. Another baptism of fire, the day I bought these I wore them for a night out in London, after dinner we had difficulty flagging down a black cab, it seemed like I walked miles in them, oh my feet hurt when I took them off.  It just goes to show that ideal heel wearing conditions is being chauffeured, from one venue to the next.

 I adore these Italian vintage style shoes bought from a small boutique in The Marais, Paris, they are so comfortable I can wear them all day and all night and walk for miles in them.  They are really high, but you can't really tell in this photo.

My 'Miami Mules' I am not really a great one for mules, as I have tiny ankles and prefer a bit of support, but when I saw these, years ago in a shop in Miami, I totally fell in love with the perspex pink gingham and soft pink suede combo, they are a bit scruffy now but still look lovely on.

 Very uncomfortable sandals bought from a shop in Pau, but they are worth the pain, they look fabulous on, can't walk far in these!

 These are very old and sadly on their last legs but much loved.   I have had them re heeled and resoled countless times. Kurt Keiger, kitten heeled sling-backs in denim and metallic blue leather.

My latest acquisition, Beatrix Ong, cream peep toes, would you believe purchased inexpensively last year from a fabulous market stall, on The Cote d'Azure which specialises in genuine former season designer shoes.  I had been looking for a pair of cream stilettos for ages. 

Another pair not suitable for my tiny ankles!  Bought from a boutique on the Rue de Rivoli, Paris about ten years ago, before massive rope wedges were popular, I love them, they make me very, very tall.

 My favourite boots! by Freelance another Paris purchase, razor heels and very tight fitting on the calf, lovely.

 Most of the time, I wear wellies, espadrilles, ballet flats, sailor pumps and walking boots so I have really enjoyed blowing the dust of these shoes and photographing them.

Most of the people who I would have passed this award onto have already received it so I am leaving it open, if you fancy showing off your shoes, I for one would love to see them!


  1. I too have very skinny ankles and have injured the left one several times, but still totter and hobble in very unsuitable attire :) I am loving your collection, I especially love the black Italian courts and the Betrix Ong also love the rope wedges .. I am a huge fan of wedges. Do you also have problems getting boots to fit? I have really skinny legs and sexy tight boots are a nightmare to find .. bought some last year from LK bennet and they are perfect, but if not they have to be elasticised other wise look baggy, I am also in the flat's all the time at the moment xx

  2. Dear Dash, I have the same problem. At 5'10 if I put on weight I'm quite precarious on my ankles. What a fab collection! I love them all but the blue metallic kitten heels and the gingham are lovely and unusual xx

  3. Some seriously fab shoes here Dash! I like the boots best, I love a good pair of boots and these are rather spectacular. Oh, and the red numbers too. Thanks for a look at your glamourous shoe stash, what a fun post! K xx

  4. Love your shoes Dash!!!
    fabulous choices.. although these days the balls of my feet get sore just looking at those stilettos.. I had a serious shoe addiction for many years.. and actually is how I came to get the nickname Ruby!!! yes makes little sense and silly story!!

    When I was last in Italy I walked all of Roma everyday searching for the right pair of shoes to bring home.. I think i still have a few of them.. but none fit now. and sadly i have now crossed over into the boring shoe phase of my life where arch lifts are little pieces of love sent from heaven.. sad really.. hahahaha.. love all of yours though!! xxx Julie Oh. the wedges.. are great even for arch lift girl!! xx

  5. Your, 'two much champagne, landed in a ditch story' while wearing your heels is something I can completely relate to!
    Love those black Russell & Bromleys :-)

  6. Gorgeous shoes... love those Miami Mules! thanks for playing along! xx


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