Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lazy Bank Holiday Weekend

It's been a bank holiday weekend in France and the weather has been glorious.  We have been getting on with work in the garden, first chore though was to get some new chairs and visit the garden centre, this meant a trip to Pau, where all the big out of town stores are.

 No trip to Pau, would be complete without stopping off in the town centre for lunch, sadly no time for wondering round the more fashionable boutiques. We have plants to buy after lunch.

 We arrived at our favourite restaurant early, plenty of tables available, within half an hour it was full.

Quickly had a chance to snap this chocolate shoe, where would you start?

Unusual for France, no dogs allowed in this shop, we had to wait while MG nipped in for something, Crusoe always manages to settle in the most inconvenient spot.  

 Back home in the garden, out with the old...

In with the new.

 My latest Summer recipe, cucumbers, skinned, sliced in half and de-seeded, mixed with Greek yoghurt and cream cheese, seasoned to taste, garnished with chives and tomatoes from the garden, served with warm crusty bread.

Chives in bloom

 New trees to plant, a silver birch and a fig tree, looking forward to fresh ripe figs served with melting Brie cheese.

 Endless amounts of pots to fill......

 A quick progress inspection, peonies and roses about to burst into bloom.

 One has already opened.

 Ooh had not noticed these had bloomed, hidden at the bottom of the garden.

 Californian poppies, flourishing in the 'problem area'.

The next door neighbour was at it too, glimpsed through the trees on his sit on mower.

 We even got some plants for the fish, so they can get some shade when the sun gets fierce.

 MG continues while I pour wine.

Time to down tools.....

 And have a chilled, glass of Rose.

Crusoe has the right idea.


  1. Such a lovely relaxing post.. I love your garden and pond.
    I would like to buy the chocolate shoe .. how wonderful :) xx

  2. Ruth's right, what a lovely post! I am finding myself getting really interested in gardening suddenly! I have just started filling pots and window boxes with flowers. It's wonderful to see things grow and flower. Your view is stunning. Is that the Pyrenees? My geography is shocking... We go and stay at our neighbours house in the Languedoc region, don't know how far that is from you? I was right there with you on the glass of rosé too! Much love, C xx

  3. Crusoe was in a very convenient place in his estimation...in full control of traffic flow...

  4. Oh what a beautiful garden and it looks as if you made great progress this weekend there... Love the shot of the Choc. shop too and your recipe all prepared... Glad to see Crusoe looking fighting fit again too. x

  5. What a wonderful view1 Not sure how you can do anything but sit and look out at it. Gardens are gorgeous.

  6. Hi Dash
    I agree with Mary.. I would just want to look at that view all day!!! so beautiful.. and wonderful to actually have a garden let alone surrounded by so much beauty... Your cucumber yoghurt dish looks scrumptious!! xx Julie

  7. Dash, your place is so gorgeous! How you get any work done in the midst of all that beauty really surprises me.

    Pleased to see Crusoe doing well.

  8. Those views are just stunning. It looks like a little slice of heaven to me.

    And that chocolate shoe is a work of art. I would never be able to eat it, for it is too beautiful to eat.

  9. That garden looks like you put a LOT of work into it. It looks so natural. :)

    You certainly deserved your glass (or 2) of rosé.

  10. Dash - you garden is stunning!!

    My bare balcony with two (nearly dead) plants is giving me the guilts now. Need to rustle up some cash and head to the garden center methinks!

    You've inspired me!

  11. A really enjoyable post, thank you.

  12. Idyllic, enchanting and colourful life you lead...

  13. You cannot beat the look of a weathered terracotta pot with pretty annuals in it. It is timeless and instantly brings joy. As for your new chairs - very nice indeed.

    I also have peony love and this is the first year our peony bush flowered. So far two flowers have been and gone and a third bud has just opened. As for your 'problem' area - poppies are always lovely.

    The restaurant looks my sort of place. It's also good to see Crusoe back to good health.

  14. Looks like I'm missing out never having visited Pau as yet. Your garden looks just luscious! LOVE the Fig and brie idea. Just gotta wait for the figs now I guess ;-)

  15. Ohhhh a lovely day! You live in a wonderful bit of heaven!! Terrific blog.... Cheers, Susan :)

  16. I have heard that for a fig to produce good amounts of fruit, the roots need to be restricted, either by lining the planting hole with stones or by planting it in a pot. But there's nothing lovelier than a rip fig warmed by the sun, eaten straight from the tree.

  17. Hehe, love the pics of crusoe! That cucumber salad sounds delicious, and what a gorgeous garden!

  18. Beautiful! And Crusoe definitely has the right idea!


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