Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dash On Politics....Not

I am not terribly political, but really, what a sham, Britain now has a hung parliament, surprise, surprise.  I have followed the election but my verdict is, never mind the policies, which  will probably go on the back burner,when whoever, get's into power. Not one party has a strong enough leader, no charismatic Barack Obomah  or even a small dynamic  Sarkozy for us, just Clegg for the Liberal Democrats, who no one saw much of of before the election, David Cameron, leader of The Conservatives who has  the sort of face one would like to punch and  Gordon Brown our Current Prime-Minister, who took over from Tony Blair, the British public did not vote him in as Prime-Minister anyway, how democratic is that?  In short nobody knows what is going on.

As supporter of the underdog I was delighted, that Caroline Lucas leader of The Green Party won the first ever seat for the Green Party in Brighton, (Brighton has always been an alternative kind of place) well done her!  I have seen her on question time, and she was the only politician that sounded almost genuine, Oh, but for how long? Will it all go to her head? Who knows.  In honour of her and my love of green, here are some green images:

Tamara De Lempicka, 'Young Lady with Gloves'

Kiera Knightley, In 'That Dress', From The Movie 'Atonement'

And Again

Forget the dresses, all I can remember is Angelina's emerald earrings at the Oscars a few years ago

Absinthe, I drank it once, I have never had a hangover since to equal it
Absinthe Again, Kylie as the Green Fairy From the fabulous Moulin Rouge

Stick with this, it is much safer than Absinthe and delicious, reputed to have aphrodisiac effects, drink as a digestif or nightcap with lots of crushed ice.

 Oh, see, this is the car to go touring round
Europe in, an E type Jaguar in British Racing Green


  1. Hey Dash
    Well I think I am the most apolitical person I know.. so hard to comment much on the political side... although did see some of this on the news last night...

    We had a young female politician here too that seemed to be heading for great stuff.. and then she sort of fizzled out which was a shame...

    Now all this green though.. I love green .. you have picked the perfect shade... great images..

    Have a wonderful weekend .. xxx Julie

  2. Yes, it was all a shambles really. I saw some clips on the French news of people being turned away from voting and felt embarrassed to be a Brit. How they must mock us.

  3. Green has never been so fabulous!

  4. LOVE the pic of the E type.

    I'm apathetic about politics both here and in the UK.
    No vote, no voice, no interest. Especially galling here of course where I pay the same taxes as my French neighbours.

    I'd MUCH rather look at the E type.

  5. Lovely post. I adore green and emeralds are my favourite (not that I actually have any). My friends and I went through a phase about ten years ago where we drank a lot of Absinthe. I didn't get bad hangovers but I did have some of the most mental and hilarious nights of my life! We used to drink it in shot glasses immediately followed with a Baileys chaser to take the burn away... bonkers xx

  6. I love the color green! It is my favorite, you know? And those earrings Angelina wore are stunning! I remember them too.


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