Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

 Last week the beautiful and fabulous Christina Lindsay from 'Fashion's Most Wanted' bestowed on me 'The Beautiful Blogger Award', this is a huge honour coming from Christina as I simply adore her blog.  When I first hopped over to visit Christina, I spent almost the entire afternoon going through her archives, every single one of her posts is glorious and all with the most gorgeous images.  I could bang on about Christina's wonderful blog all day but the best thing to do is check it out for yourselves.

Now as you all probably know I have to reveal seven things about myself, I did this a couple of weeks back here, so I have been racking my brains trying to think of another seven things, that I dare to reveal of myself.....

I was the naughtiest girl in the school.....

I went to an all girls, private school and I was really naughty, and always receiving order marks and detentions I wasn't really bad; I hardly ever did my homework, I smoked behind the bike-sheds, The school had a strict uniform policy which I flouted, plus I wore make up, I had difficulty obeying rules and was once spotted by a teacher at the local bus station, drinking out of a can of coke IN SCHOOL UNIFORM, a serious offence.

  When I reached sixteen, I was having quite a hectic social life and would often nod off in lessons, especially physical geography which the teacher made infinitely boring.  Being naughty did have it's advantages, I was popular with the other girls so much so that they voted me house captain.  The headmistress, 'Molly' who made Margaret Thatcher look like a mouse, decided to strip me of this title and hold a re-vote, she had decided I was not responsible or worthy enough for the role. Ha, a fine example of teaching democracy!  I had it out with her which resulted in my expulsion or in polite English terms 'Asked To Leave'.

She was very gracious and said I could come back to sit my O levels. This suited me down to the ground, whilst the other girls were doing their revision within the confines of the school walls I was making the most of a fabulously warm Spring and early Summer, lounging around in the garden in a bikini, Lolita style, revising, with the radio blaring, drinking from as many cans of coke as I wanted.  I passed all my O levels with flying colours.

I am crazy about books and reading.....

When I was young, on rainy day's my Grandmother encouraged me to go into her library and look at the books, I spent hours in there with books scattered all over the floor, totally happy and absorbed.  I think this is where I get my love of books from, I am trying to re create my Grandmothers library, in my own home, by filling the shelves with classic collections, biographies, and all the books I love.

My Favourite books are.....

 I Also Love biographies, this one is my favourite, it moves me to tears

 I am longing to spend a long period of time, driving round and exploring Italy with MG, preferably in a sports car, for a month or three, I am having a little trouble trying to persuade MG that this is a good idea, but I am determined to get my own way, in the end.

I adore candles, when we have friends round, or even if it's just the two of us, whether we are inside or dining al fresco, I light as many as possible I have so many, this can take rather a long time.  To hold all these candles I collect antique candlesticks, MG and I have now have amassed quite a collection. 

 One of my favourite things to do, is to sit down at a cafe, opposite a port or harbour and watch the boats bobbing up and down, I find it so relaxing, I could stay for hours.

My idea of heaven is sliding in between crisp, clean, white, Egyptian cotton sheets, if I could I would change the sheets every day.

 I love Paris and New York but London is my favourite city, I love it's vibrancy, the way each area has it's own personality, the shops, markets, parks, nightlife, pubs, resturants, oh, I could go on and on.  If I had the money there is no doubt that I would buy a pied a terre in London.


  1. I love this! I went to an all girls catholic school and got into some of the same trouble- Lord it was fun messing with the nuns back then! I do hope you and MG make the road trip to Italy- not one soon forgotten. Great book selections here too. A reminder that I would like to reread The Great Gatsby.

  2. First of all, thank you so much for the gorgeous award, Dash. I humbly accept it.
    Then, oh my, but I do love books and traveling and candles and fresh, crisp sheets.
    I hope you get to persuade MG to take that sports car trip through Italy.
    And, what's this? You are having snow? I hope it doesn't stay for long.

  3. Oh how exciting, I feel so honoured - thank you so much!! Now I must think up 7 things about me....I loved your list, especially the bit about how naughty you were in school! Your blog is indeed beautiful - I always love stopping by. :)

  4. Dash you have just officially become my IDOL! I believe my second daughter is a direct reincarnation of YOU (even though you are alive)! She is only 8 but has strong rebellious tendencies, does her own thing and doesn't care a whiff what other people think. I do admire her so. I was such a goody goody at school.
    Luckily we both share a love of books and she is an amazing story teller. You have just restored my faith that even if she gets expelled from an exclusive all girls' school it will be like water off a duck's back and she will pass with flying colours anyway.

    OK. Now - I've done the 7 things about me 3 times since I started my blog ... but I'm definitely UP for the challenge again. I will have to ponder a bit to find out if there are really 28 things all up that will not put you all to sleep though. Or maybe I could be a good night cap ;-)

    Thanks for passing the award on to me. I'm très touchée.

  5. Thank you so much, Dash! I'm absolutely flattered. Once I get through this crazy rock band performance this afternoon I'll be able to dedicate some thought to the seven questions . . .


  6. You also received my Sunshine award on my blog "Succisive Thoughts" for this very reason. Your blog is such a fun read.

    Bookworm that I am, I adore Gatsby. One of my favorites of all time. I have often thought of doing an annual reading of it like my friends read "Pride and Prejudice."

    As a lover of Fitzgerald and Hemingway I highly recommend "A Moveable Feast" too.

  7. I loved reading all about your Dash and especially like the story behind your book collection. I just purchased Jean de Florette and Manon of the SPrings on DVD..they were my favourite movies at the time. I have never read the books and am now inspired to do so. Great story about your school days...you got them all in the end :) Sports cars, candles, long hours in a cafe watching the boats go by, Egyptian cotton sheets, London..you are a woman of exceptional taste!!
    Even more so to have picked these lovely bloggers as they are indeed beautiful blogs!!
    Well done you!!

    Jeanne :)

    PS...posted the bag again last week. Fingers crossed!

  8. Dash...lost for words (most unusual for me). Thank you so very much for my award..alas I wasn't naughty at school but I'm hoping I can match you in some way!! You've put me in some very fine company..and I am incredibly chuffed...thank you for all the delightful things I've learned from reading your blog, not just today but all the time! kxx

  9. Dear Dash, I'm hugely humbled and flattered by your wonderful words about my blog. Thank you! You know I feel the same about yours.

    We must be twins. I went to a radical mixed public school where I too was expelled. We drank Top Deck shandy instead of Coke, I don't know why we bothered as it contains about 1% alcohol. I'm so with you on the candles/sheets/Italy - that picture of - is it Tuscany? makes me want to go right NOW! And two of my favourite books are The Great Gatsby and A Short Walk From Harrods. I adored the film Jean de Florette but have to admit I've never read the book.

    LOVE your bedroom... My favourite colours are purple and red. My bedroom is dark red but I considered purple. I really enjoyed reading your answers. Much love to you, Christina xx

  10. Love your naughty school girl past... hee hee... and especially love that you got to study for your exams laying out in the sun. well played Dash, well played x

  11. Dear Dash
    Congratulation on another well deserved award.. Its always a good read and visual delight over here.. And congrats to all the bloggers you have chosen..

    I had to laugh at you being the naughty girl.. I was the shy goody two shoes.. at least until my thirties so no getting expelled for me.. However I do share your love for egyptian cotton sheets, books, candlesticks, cafes and ports.. and of course.. Italy.. I have been lucky enough to spend 2 months travelling Italy.. and just waiting to do it all over again... Have a wonderful week xx julie

  12. OH.. and thank you for posting my giveaway in your sidebar!! xx

  13. My favorite car is a classic MG as seen in the film Two for the Road. I envision you and MG touring Italy in one, given the initials, it seems predestined.
    As I do not drive a stick I was forced to rent the biggest car at the airport to drive to Aix-en-Provence, it shouted "HERE COME AMERICANS".
    The sting of this shame is lessened by the fact that you have bestowed this award upon me and my humongous gas guzzling blog.
    I am truly honored and grateful, thank you.
    X David
    PS. Whatever car you choose, avoid long flowing scarves, as Gertrude Stein commented about Isadora Duncan "Affectations can be dangerous."

  14. Talking of MG, I emailed him but haven't had a reply. Do you know if he got my mail?

    I love Dirk Bogarde's autobiographies too. The last one is especially moving.


  15. I loved your list and share so many of your favourite things. I think we'd have a lot to talk about over a lunch table by the harbour!


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