Sunday, May 9, 2010

Horrible Weather And A Lovely Gift

Last week the weather in South West France was abysmal, the temperature plummeted to 2 degrees Celsius and on Tuesday it snowed!

 I kid you not, snow in May!

I had to bring house plants back inside, to protect them from frost damage they had been expecting a lovely warm summer basking outside in the sun.  The first guests of the season who arrived last Monday did not see the mountains until Thursday and they asked us; "is the weather always like this in May"?  I had to reassure them, it was not and in fact the weather the previous week had been glorious with lot's of sunshine and temperatures soaring to 25 degrees Celsius.

At this time of year, normally we would be working in the garden or having nice days out.  There was nothing else to do but stay indoors and wonder when the unrelenting rain, clouds and cold would go away.

On Thursday I was cheered by a lovely parcel.

Crusoe checks it out

It was a lovely blog give away prize from the wonderful Jeanne over at Collage Of Life.  Thank you so much Jeanne, I love it, I will be taking it with me on all my travels, and who knows it may feature on photographs in future posts, it could become a bit like the garden gnome from the movie Amelie.


  1. Dash...I am so so glad that little package finally made it's way to the right home. What a journey it has been on these past few months! I use mine regulary...with a hint of a smile as I see eyes wander to read what it says. A bit sassy...I like that:)
    Snow in May..yikes, I remember those days. I hope today is a glorious day for you in more ways than one.

    Jeanne :)

  2. What a fantastic bag...joining two fantastic women! Hope the weather gets better really soon. x

  3. I'm back in wool today it is so cold. As for the bag - it is lovely and made me laugh. Blog giveaways are so fine - I might have to do one.

  4. Altho I love Louisa May, how can anyone be TOO fond of books? Sorry about the weather. Don't know that "Global Warming" is the right name for whatever is going on. Seems more like "Global Craziness". Our seasons are all turned around in the US, too.

    Enjoy your bag - and bundle up!

  5. Oh. my. gravy. - I covet that bag hardcore. If Jeanne could be persuaded to disclose the source, I would be ever so grateful!

    I've arrived back from the tropics to a wet and cold Cannes and apparently I missed the mini "Tsunami" that occurred here and in Nice. What is up with the crazy SoF weather!?! It's MAY mother nature. Buck up.

  6. I love that reflects all the disapproval of reading for pleasure with which aunts used to try to marr my life when I was young.
    They didn't stand a chance, those aunts...they were temporary, books were forever.

    Horrible weather to come back to - I've dug out the turkish socks, the thermals are in full action and I am tempted to cover myself in goose grease and sew myself up in brown paper for the duration....that should bring about a heatwave in two seconds flat.

  7. Snow in May! Wow! Though today is chilly and windy, we have no snow.

  8. Super bag!!

    I put my bed warmer on last night it was so chilly. Du jamais vu in May.

    The local bike club were supposed to organise a family 25km ride this morning. I didn't go and I doubt anyone else braved the downpour.

    Garden's glowingly green though.

  9. Ooh I have the mug with the same quotation! Lovely isn't it?! Hope you don't mind me popping over to comment - I'm Miranda's Mum, and she keeps reminding me to bookmark your blog (now done!). Hope too it warms up there for you. It's pretty cool in England too.

  10. Great bag!
    And I've got my fingers crossed for warm weather. The forecast here is still more rain for the rest of the week and then I'm off to dreary old Dublin on Saturday, which surprisingly has been basking in sunlight. the world has gone topsy turvy. Maybe you should consider a holiday back in the UK ;-)

  11. Hehe, what a super bag! I love it, and I love your dog - sooo adorable! The weather in London has been *freezing* - I really hope it warms up soon.


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