Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crusoe Unwell

Crusoe is not very well at the moment, yesterday evening he did not eat his food, which is unheard of for Crusoe.  This morning it was still untouched and he was violently sick, we did not mess about we took him to the vets immediately.

After an examination and tests it was confirmed that he has picked up a parasitic illness via a tick, the parasite  attacks the liver and kidneys, the vet told us he has probably had it for about three or four days, she gave him three injections and a course of tablets that he has to start tomorrow morning, hopefully we caught it in time, he should be feeling better soon and be fine by Monday, fingers crossed.  I am pleased to say that he has now eaten a little food, and already appears to be a little better.

Even though Crusoe is Frontlined once a month in Spring and Summer, has a tick collar and we check him regularly for ticks, the little buggers still got him. The countryside around South West France is notoriously bad for ticks, much worse than the UK, and some ticks can kill, so please be vigilant if you have a dog or are bringing a dog to France this Summer, if your dog suddenly goes off food, take him/her to the vets straight away.

I will keep you posted on Crusoes recovery.


  1. Poor little chap...thank goodness you took him straight to the vet.
    I remember that after the U.K., ticks were a constant problem on coming to France - and people aren't immune either.

  2. Oh no... poor Crusoe
    Good think you are vigilant... hope he feels much better by Monday... xx Julie

  3. Poor little thing! Hope he is soon mended! Good thing you didn't wait.

  4. I have heard of this so much this year from my friends in Southern France. It's just dreadful. They desperately need to develop a vaccine for this.

    Thankfully, Crusoe sounds like he's on the mend. I will be thinking of him! Poor little fellow.

  5. We both have ill pups! It's heart-breaking because they are like our children-only they can't speak to us. They give so much and want so little in return. This tick problem is out of control.
    My very best to your sweet Crusoe.

  6. I am not particularly religious, far from it, but I'll say a prayer for Crusoe just to be on the safe side.
    X David

  7. Award for you over on could pass it to Crusoe if you think it would cheer him up.

  8. Dash, I am so sad to hear that little Crusoe is unwell. I went to the vet with Tika last week and I heard all about the results of a tick bite. I was so surprised to hear that what I thought of an annoyance could be so dangerous for a dog. I am much wiser now but still fearful as we have open woods around our house. Poor, poor Crusoe...I hope he comes right soon. Good suggestion for a tick collar as well. I will do that first thing.

    Take care...

    Jeanne xx

  9. Poor baby, hope all is well soon!!

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    Art by Karena

  10. Oh no... poor Crusoe - do hope he recovers quickly and thank goodness you took him to the vets quickly. x

  11. I was quickly going through my sidebar and this of course caught my eye

    so sorry to hear about this but


    Last year the 'recipe' was changed to allow pet shops to sell it. they had to remove one of the vital components.


    when I first told the vets about this they poo pooed me (that english lady always going on about what she has read on the internet). A few months later (early last autumn) when I went in to buy more Stronghold, one of the vets told me I was absolutely correct and the four vets at the practice had no changed their own dogs' flea and tick treatment to Stronghold (but they were still contracted to have the Frontline stand)

    I've blogged about this last year, Dash - look under my bichon index. I have so many hits now - usually with the search words 'Frontline doesn't work any more'



    Kisses to little Crusoe

    (p.s. it eliminates two of the usual tiques found in France - but not a third one which apparently is quite an unusual one)

  12. p.s. when I put *r vets at the practice had no *

    I should of course have added a 'w' - they've now switched their own dogs on to Stronghold


  13. Poor Crusoe! I hope he's on the mend. What nasty little buggers those ticks are.

  14. How terrible for Crusoe. Hope he's doing much better now. And thanks for the heads up on the ticks, I'll be watching Fifty


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