Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome To My World, The Tenth Photo

The talented and fabulous Julie at Being Ruby, tagged me a while back, to post about the tenth photo on my blog, well as you can see the tenth photo is of our home, a former farmhouse, in a small village in the Haute Pyrenees, South West France.

It did not always look like this, when we first saw it, this is what it looked like.

When you come to visit us, you will be warmly welcomed by the official greeter.

Then we will show you to your rooms so you can unpack and freshen up after your journey.

I think you will need liquid refreshment, perhaps something chilled.

If it's raining we will decamp to the salon.

During your stay we will take you to some fabulous places.

We can check out the shops.

Take In the architecture.

When we get back you can chill out in the garden and admire the view.

Maybe you could take Crusoe for a walk.

In the evening you can watch the sunset.

I hope you will be warm and cosy in your room.

And have a good nights sleep.

If you are up early you can watch the sun rising.

What would you like to do today? Perhaps go into the mountains and into Spain.

Or maybe something else, the decision is yours......


  1. OOOOH - when can I visit? Looks amazing and love your 10th photo... x

  2. Hello dear Dash & Crusoe!!
    Fantastic post.. I have to say I could get very comfortable in that farmhouse... darn .. it almost makes my soul ache looking out my own window onto the carpark.. haha

    Love those timber doors in the bedroom.. is that the closet?... and love your persian rug and leather armchair in the salon... darn.. I need a salon!! Ok.. I'll get over house envy now and say how happy I am to hear that Crusoe is on the mend.. Poor little petal... i think there were a few worried bloggers these last few days.. Crusoe is famous..!! And.. who would meet as at the door when we come to visit...

    So... thanks for the message from Crusoe!! Much enjoyed.. xxx Julie

  3. Oh Dash...what a life! Positively dreamlike.

  4. Dash, this is where you used to live but don't now, your former farmhouse?

    You certainly made it look amazing. That's such a talent. I know cos I'm crap at that sort of thing :)

  5. Sarah, yes we live here, oh my bad grammar, thanks for pointing this out, I have corrected it now.

  6. Oh my dear, what a treat to have a glimpse of your enchanting place you live. When are you taking your first B&B booking? ;) Many thanks for sharing.

  7. It takes a huge amount of work (and talent) to make a transformation like that, but it is so worth it! What a lovely place to live. Glad Caruso is over his parasite - what a scare.

  8. What a magnificent post...not just for the photos of your house and garden, but for the way you've linked it into a 'visit' post....it's all worthy of Crusoe.

    Guilt has now set in as I look around and decide that photographing my place would dissuade any likely visitor from ever setting foot into the maelstrom.
    However, that could be a good thing....and guilt doesn't last long when it's about trivia.

  9. What a beautiful home you have created. And Crusoe is gorgeous!

  10. It's so beautiful Dash! I love your style. The rooms are gorgeous and i love how you've painted the beams on the ceiling, brightening the rooms up :-)

  11. Your house is lovely Dash, and WHAT a view. You can just feel the crispness of the air in your pictures.
    Nice to see Crusoe out and about.

  12. What a beautiful job you did on the renovation!

  13. You live in an enchanted wonderland! That house...oh, that house! And all you've done to it... It really looks like something out of a Sybille Bedford novel.

    I read all your posts on your Belle-Mére -- was that Sanary in all those photographs? The markets, the cobblestoned alleys, the cafes, the fishing port...it looks like a place out of time. You are right.

    Thank you for dropping by A Bloomsbury Life, although now I feel like giving it all up for la vie Francaise!


    And I've added your blog to my list -- you are my new daily addiction.


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