Monday, May 17, 2010

Crusoes Lucky Escape

Crusoe Playing In The Garden This Morning

I would like to thank you all for your kind comments and concern regarding Crusoes illness. Turns out he has had a very lucky escape. The illness he was inflicted with was 'Piraplasmosis' a potentially fatal parasitic disease that attacks the dogs internal organs, the vet told us all dogs react differently to the disease depending on the age and the dogs immune system. Contracted via a brown tick bite, brown ticks are the dangerous one's and they are prolific in South West France, hardly found in Northern France and the UK (all ticks, potentially carry parasitic diseases). There is a vaccine for this illness although it is very expensive and not totally effective, apparently scientists are still working on an effective vaccine for this disease.

Crusoe appears to be fully recovered, his amazing appetite has certainly returned and he has responded to treatment well, although we are still monitoring him closely, we are hoping that there will be no repercussions.

I stress once again if you are in South West France and have a dog, be very vigilant, even if your dog has a tick collar and has been protected, (which I still strongly recommend) it is the first bite from the tick that gets the parasite into the dogs system, before the chemicals from frontline or tick collars kill the tick. And remember if your dog suddenly goes off food or appears listless go to the vets immediately.

Sheep On The Move, 'Tick Magnets' In The Lane Just Outside Our House, Yesterday Afternoon

I cannot wrap Crusoe in cotton wool, he would be miserable if he was not free to run, he is a true terrier always running through the fields, digging in the earth, rolling in long grass and chasing deer in the woods. The ticks are everywhere at the moment, not helped by all the livestock and wild animals in this area, sheep and deer being the worst tick magnets!  All I can do is protect him with anti tick products and fingertip search him after every walk. 


  1. Hooray for Crusoe!! I am so glad Dash..I woke up thinking about him today. I watched Tea with Mussolini last night....just love those English ladies and Maggie Smith's pursed lips eveyrtime she thought of Americans...poor me! Cracked me up!!
    Thanks for the wishes for a wonderful week!


  2. I'm so happy that Crusoe is much improved! My Lucca seems back to her sweet self too! Both of my pups are getting shorter haircuts soon-just so I can really get in there and check for these pests.
    Thanks for the update- Have a wonderful day.

  3. So glad he is on the mend...even up here I do a daily tick search and it's amazing how often I find not one but some.

  4. What a relief to read the good news although the local chicken population may feel differently.
    X David

  5. So glad that Crusoe is on the mend, thank goodness! Here we are keeping a close eye on every 4 legged member of the family, tick remover at the ready. YUK!

  6. Poor thing! So glad he's doing better. So sorry to hear about ticks.

    P.S. You live in a very enchanted place otherwise. I'd love to have that lane outside my house.

  7. I'm so glad to read this (and I shouldn't even be around here but I had to come and find out how he was). Did you read what I put on your previous entry. Frontline no longer works.


  8. Oh I am so pleased Dash. Crusoe looks very happy bounding around again - thank goodness. x

  9. Hi FF, I must confess I don't have a problem with Frontline, in Spring and Summer we Frontline Crusoe every month and it certainly seems to keep the fleas at bay. Unfortunately all the protection in the world does not stop piroplasmosis as it is the first bite from the tick, before the chemicals from the protection kick in and kill the tick. I will bear in mind what you say about Frontline and if I notice it is less effective I will definitely look into using Stronghold.

  10. I am so glad to hear he is doing better - thank goodness you caught it soon enough!


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